Graham Thomas

Graham Thomas lives and works in South East London. He has written five novels and is currently working on a four-part mini-cycle which fits inside a sixteen part saga.

"I founded TheNeverPress in 2010 as response to writing my first book and failing to secure a publisher for it, which isn’t surprising as the book is an existential journal that takes place entirely in the precise moment of the main character’s death. Not exactly marketable! But I didn’t want to have written a book and have it sit on a hard drive, or in a box under my bed. I have written loads of screenplays in my time and they are all in my desk drawer. Fortuitously nowadays, anyone can get a book out there in digital and physical form for a relatively small cost, which is wonderful. The big downside, of course, is quality control and so I set up TheNeverPress to try and be as legit as possible in putting the best possible incarnations of my books out there – well edited, well designed… basically I want the indie author to be viewed alongside ‘established’ authors on a level playing field where the book is judged, not the formatting or proofing. So we have worked hard to get our standards up… admittedly, they are a few leaks we need to plug but that’s a workflow issue. We have things in place; great coders, designers, editors, and proofers – everything a publisher needs really."
Graham Thomas, in an interview with us in 2012

Graham Thomas books reviewed


  • Hats Off To Brandenburg (2012)
    London, 1815 – The Roxy Playhouse is in trouble! The Roxy Playhouse Irregulars, those libertine artists and dreamers, are up to their necks in debt – “Pay up in one month or its curtains for you all.” Dark times lead to drastic schemes and so the Irregulars decide to reinvent themselves as ‘performance thieves’, infiltrate High Society and ‘Robin Hood’ their way through it. However, getting embroiled in a dark and deadly plot to destroy the Monarchy was never part of their script. The Roxy Irregulars will have to stage the performance of their lives if they want to save the day and make it home in time for last orders.
  • Maria and the Devil (2013)
    The Devil has ridden out. Montana’s most feared outlaw has left his secret lover, Maria, alone in their secluded house deep in the wilds. If he had known that she was pregnant at the time, the Devil might have stayed. That was almost nine months ago and Maria is still awaiting her lover’s return and the arrival of her child. As she spends her days preparing herself mentally and physically for the fact that very soon she will have to give birth, alone and unaided, Montana itself begins to infiltrate her mind and the overbearing solitude starts to encroach upon her grasp of reality. But while Maria waits for the Devil, a vengeful band of gunslingers are tracking him. Led by the relentless Rickman Chill, the gang have ventured deep into the dark wilds of Montana and they will stop at nothing to bring the Devil to justice. It is not long before the Chill gang happen upon a lone house in the woods where a pregnant woman seems to be the only inhabitant. Vengeance is a dangerous game, but as the Devil said to Maria before he left her: “There is nothing more dangerous than lovers.” 
  • The Never Pages (2011)
    There are two rules the Dream Investigator must follow: 1. Document everything. 2. Keep moving forward. Master G_'s dearly departed Lucy is lost within the NeverRealm: The transitory wasteland between here and the ever-after where memory does not exist. He knows because he has dreamt it. He must track her down and save her, but the NeverRealm is already infiltrating his psyche and turning his memories into sand. If Master G_ is to rescue Lucy, he must not only overcome his mental entropy, but also survive the chaos that awaits him in Pripyat: The city that anchors every reality in the Multiverse. TheNeverPages is the journal of a Dream Investigator, charting his journey between here and the afterlife. It is a book about our perception of space, time and reality but above all else, TheNeverPages is about the lengths mankind will go to for love.
  • The Other Woman (2013)
    Abigail Hardwoode is content – the London Social Scene offers everything a seventeen-year-old girl could want. She has little concern for other people’s problems, least of all those in France where great civil unrest threatens to erupt into bloody revolution… but while the oppressed masses rise up, a new insidious organisation emerges and it seems that Abigail’s parents are incriminated. Only British secret agent Hilary Weaver believes the Hardwoodes to be innocent. Suddenly Abigail is pulled from her peaceful existence and thrust into the chaos of Revolutionary France on a mission with Hilary to clear the family name… but the call of the Revolution and the injustice she witnesses may be too powerful for Abigail to ignore.