Greg Hamerton

Greg Hamerton is convinced that writers have the best chance of learning magic, because they know how to spell. He lives near London, close to Gatwick airport so he can escape should the island go under due to global climate change. He is an outdoors enthusiast and enjoys soaring over clouds and getting lost on his paraglider and then trying to find his way back.

"My primary-school was artistic. We made up stories. We painted things. We acted out Norse Mythology. It was great, and it's probably the reason I'm a writer. I graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1994 with a Bachelor of Commerce but was bored to death by my first accounting job. I worked in the film industry, as a paragliding instructor, and as a photographer. I began writing, and found that I loved it. I am a dedicated reader of fantasy, and respect the works of Charles de Lint, Robin Hobb, Stephen Donaldson, Robert Jordan and Terry Pratchett."

The Riddler's Gift is the first novel in the Lifesong cycle, followed by Second Sight.

Greg Hamerton books reviewed


  • The Riddler's Gift (2008)
  • Second Sight (2010)