Jeffrey Ford

Jeffrey Ford was born November 8, 1955 in New York. He is an American fantasy writer whose work is characterized by a sweeping imaginative power, humour, literary allusion, and a fascination with tales told within tales.

He lives in southern New Jersey and teaches writing and literature at Brookdale Community College in Monmouth County. He has also taught at the summer Clarion Workshop for science fiction and fantasy writers in Michigan. He has contributed stories, essays and interviews to various magazines and e-magazines including MSS, Puerto Del Sol, Northwest Review, Hayden's Ferry Review, Argosy, Event Horizon, Infinity Plus, Black Gate and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

He published his first story, "The Casket", in Gardner's literary magazine MSS in 1981 and his first full-length novel, Vanitas, in 1988.


  • The Physiognomy (World Fantasy Award)
  • The Fantasy Writer's Assistant (World Fantasy Award)
  • Creation (World Fantasy Award)
  • Botch Town (World Fantasy Award)
  • The Empire of Ice Cream (Nebula Award)
  • The Annals of Eelin-Ok (The Fountain Award)
  • The Girl in the Glass (Edgar Allan Poe Award)

Jeffrey Ford books reviewed


  • Vanitas
  • The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque
  • The Girl in the Glass
  • The Shadow Year

Well-Built City Trilogy

  • The Physiognomy
  • Memoranda
  • The Beyond


  • The Fantasy Writer's Assistant
  • The Empire of Ice-Cream
  • The Drowned Life