Lauren Beukes

Lauren Beukes is an award-winning, best-selling South-African novelist who also writes comics, screenplays and TV shows. She is the author of Broken Monsters, The Shining Girls, Zoo City, Moxyland, Maverick: Extraordinary Women From South Africa’s Past and the graphic novel, Fairest: The Hidden Kingdom with Inaki Miranda.

The Shining Girls, about a time-travelling serial killer and the survivor who turns the hunt around, made the Sunday Times best-seller list and was recently optioned by MRC and Leonardo diCaprio’s Appian Way.

Her previous novel, Zoo City (2010) won the Arthur C Clarke Award and the Kitschies Red Tentacle and was long-listed for the IMPAC Award.

Lauren Beukes books reviewed


  • Maverick: Extraordinary Women from South Africa's Past (2005)
  • Moxyland (2008)
  • Zoo City (2010)
    Zinzi December finds people. Even if they don t want to be found like missing pop starlet Songweza. Trouble is, when you go turning over stones and digging up secrets it isn t long before the real truth comes to light. A truth the local crime lord, dark magician and beast master, will kill to keep hidden.
  • The Shining Girls (2013)
    “It’s not my fault. It’s yours. You shouldn’t shine. You shouldn’t make me do this.” THE GIRL WHO WOULDN’T DIE. Kirby is lucky she survived the attack. She is sure there were other victims were less fortunate, but the evidence she finds is … impossible. HUNTING A KILLER WHO SHOULDN’T EXIST. Harper stalks his shining girls through the years – and cuts the spark out of them. But what if the one that got away came
    back for him?
  • Broken Monsters (2014)
    Detective Gabi Versado has hunted down many monsters during her eight years in Homicide. She’s seen stupidity, corruption and just plain badness. But she’s never seen anything like this. Clayton Broom is a failed artist, and a broken man. Life destroyed his plans, so he’s found new dreams - of flesh and bone made disturbingly, beautifully real. Detroit is the decaying corpse of the American Dream. Motor-city. Murder-city. And home to a killer opening doors into the dark heart of humanity. A killer who wants to make you whole again...