Marcus Alexander

After several incident-filled years of travelling the armpits of the world Marcus Alexander decided to pack in all serious attempts at reaching maturity and instead embraced the much more suitable world of parchment scribbling for a living.

'Who is Charlie Keeper?' is Marcus' artfully addictive novel that comes first in a planned trilogy involving the spirited and often outrageously blunt Charlie.

Marcus Alexander has a fondness for causing mischief, knows how to run really, really fast when he's in trouble and knows how to duck out of sight when someone points the long, bony finger of blame.

If you feel as though you should get in contact with this ill mannered rascal and you honestly have nothing more constructive to do with your day than you can always reach him at....

Marcus Alexander books reviewed


  • Who is Charlie Keeper? (2008)

Critical acclaim

" fast and as intruiging as Rowling and as funny and as humorous as Pratchett..." Fuzion's an awesome book. I had to keep turning the pages and found it next to impossible to put down..." Pharcyde Promotions