Marcus Sedgwick

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Marcus Sedgwick was born in Kent in 1968 and is an acclaimed children's author and illustrator.

Sedgwick is renowned for the dark-themes that he incorporates into his young-adult novels. His first book Floodland was published in 2000, winning the Branford Boase Book Award for best debut children's novel.

"I remember consciously thinking before I wrote it that the city was going to be a character, a gift for the gothic. It's really beautiful, but rotting to pieces at the same time. The 18th century was when it was considered at its most beautiful but also at its most debauched." Marcus Sedgwick: Venice and The Kiss of Death.

Marcus Sedgwick books reviewed


  • Floodland, 2000
  • Witch Hill, 2001
  • The Dark Horse, 2002
  • A Winter's Tale, 2003
  • Cowards, 2003
  • The Book of Dead Days, 2003
  • The Dark Flight Down, 2004
  • The Emperor's New Clothes/Hans Christian Andersen, 2004
  • The Foreshadowing, 2005
  • My Swordhand is Singing, 2006
  • The Dead Days Omnibus, 2006
  • Blood Red, Snow White, 2007
  • The Restless Dead, 2007
  • The Kiss of Death, 2008

Awards and nominations

  • Branford Boase Book Award (Floodland, 2001)
  • Edgar Allan Poe nomination (Witch Hill, 2001)
  • Independent Reading Association Award nomination (Witch Hill, 2001)
  • Portsmouth Book Award nomination (Witch Hill, 2001)
  • Guardian Children's Fiction Prize shortlist (The Dark Horse, 2002)
  • Carnegie Medal shortlist (The Dark Horse, 2002)
  • Blue Peter Book Award shortlist (The Dark Horse, 2002)
  • Guardian Award nomination (The Book of Dead Days, 2003)
  • Sheffield Book Award shortlist (The Book of Dead Days, 2003)
  • Edgar Allan Poe shortlist (The Book of Dead Days, 2003)
  • Booktrust Teenage Prize shortlist (The Foreshadowing, 2006)
  • Carnegie Medal shortlist (My Swordhand Is Singing, 2007)
  • Nomination- Calderdale book of the year awards (My Swordhand Is Singing, 2007)
  • Booktrust Teenage Prize winner (My Swordhand Is Singing, 2007)
  • Costa Children's Book Award shortlist (Blood Red, Snow White, 2007)
  • Portsmouth Book Award (The Foreshadowing, 2007)
  • Salford Children's Book Award shortlist (My Swordhand is Singing, 2007)
  • Southern Schools Book Award shortlist (The Foreshadowing, 2007)
  • South Lanarkshire Book Award shortlist (My Swordhand is Singing, 2008)