Margo Lanagan

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Margo Lanagan has worked as a kitchen hand and encyclopedia seller, and spent ten years as a freelance book editor.

She is now a technical writer as well as a creative one. Ms. Lanagan's critically acclaimed North American debut, Black Juice, is a Michael L. Printz Honor Book and won two World Fantasy Awards. Black Juice also received the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards Prize for Young Adult Fiction, a Golden Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Short Story, and a Bram Stoker Award nomination from the Horror Writers of America.

The author lives in Sydney, Australia, with her partner and their two sons.

Margo Lanagan books reviewed


  • Temper, Temper (1990)
  • New Girl (1990)
  • WildGame (1991)
  • The Cappuccino Kid (1991)
  • Star of the Show (1991)
  • The Girl in the Mirror (1991)
  • Cover Girl (1992)
  • Nowhere Girl (1992)
  • Misty Blues (1993)
  • On the Wildside (1993)
  • The Best Thing (1995)
  • Touching Earth Lightly (1996)
  • The Singing Stones: The Lost Shimarron (2007)
  • Tender Morsels (2008)
    Liga raises her two daughters in the safe haven of an alternative reality, a personal heaven granted by magic as a refuge from her earthly suffering. But the real world cannot be denied forever and when the barrier between the two worlds begins to break down, Liga’s fiery daughter, Urdda, steps across it…
  • The Brides of Rollrock Islands (2012)
    Rollrock island is a lonely rock of gulls and waves, blunt fishermen and their homely wives. Life is hard for the families who must wring a poor living from the stormy seas. But Rollrock is also a place of magic - the scary, salty-real sort of magic that changes lives forever. Down on the windswept beach, where the seals lie in herds, the outcast sea witch Misskaella casts her spells - and brings forth girls from the sea - girls with long, pale limbs and faces of haunting innocence and loveliness - the most enchantingly lovely girls the fishermen of Rollrock have ever seen. But magic always has its price. A fisherman may have and hold a sea bride, and tell himself that he is her master. But from his first look into those wide, questioning, liquid eyes, he will be just as transformed as she is. He will be equally ensnared. And in the end the witch will always have her payment.

Critical acclaim

... for Tender Morsels

A striking retelling of the Grimms' Snow White and Rose Red. The Times

It's easy to get lost in the book's 500 pages, never wanting to leave. The Scotsman

A genre-smashing novel. Daily Telegraph

... for The Brides of Rollrock Island

Outstanding... Nothing is predictable in this astonishing novel, which expands on classic tales about selkie brides with unsettling imaginative thoroughness. The Times

Margo Lanagan is a writer of such soaring talent that it is almost impossible to do justice to her creations in a review... Readers will find themselves beguiled by Lanagan's deliciously unsettling and haunting prose. Daily Telegraph

As she paints images for us of Daniel's brief life under the waves as a seal, she shows writing of the highest order: subtle, powerful, poetic. Marcus Sedwick (Guardian)