Mark Charan Newton biography and books reviewed

Mark Charan Newton was born in 1981. He has a degree in Environmental Science and lives in Nottingham, UK. Charan is an Indian name (he is half-Indian). Newton writes for Tor UK/Pan Macmillan and his first book was Nights of Villjamur. He is represented by the John Jarrold Literary Agency.

"A dark epic which shows its debt to Gormenghast... This is fantasy with vast scope and ambition... a complex, eldritch vision." The Guardian

Mark Charan Newton reviews

Nights of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton

An ice age is looming. Thousands of refugees descend upon Villjamur, hoping for refuge from the impending ice. But there's trouble all around. The emperor is growing increasingly paranoid about his position, and his suicide leaves the city rudderless just when it needs direction most. Brynd Lathraea, Commander of the elite Nightguard, heads out to escort the emperor's daughter, Rika, home to take the throne. But other people have their eye on the throne... At the same time, Investigator Jeryd of the city's Inquisition finds himself investigating the mysterious murder of a councillor, while trying to come to terms with his wife leaving him, and the possibility of wooing her back. A young rake on a mission arrives in the city with his own hidden agenda and proceeds to charm the pants (and jewellery) off of several noblewomen. Worse, reports come in of some sort of massacre on the northern islands of the empire. In this land under a red, dying sun, events are about to come to a head...

"f you like it down and dirty, realistic to the core, show every wart and the pus that seeps from it, then you'll like this."

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City of Ruin by Mark Charan Newton

So, how do you classify this book? Weird fantasy? New weird fantasy? Slightly scary horror fantasy?… I’m not really sure; I just know that it’s a really great addictive read. Some of the characters you will love, others you will hate. But either way you will not want to put down the book until you find out what happen to them all. You might even find yourself wanting some of them to die, and creating emotions like that makes it such a good read; it’s not just yet another fantasy book: it’s one that makes you think and you may even shed a tear for the most evil person when you get to know them a bit more. It’s fantasy at its best, it’s like watching a very good movie, as soon as you finish you want to watch it again.

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The Book of Transformations by Mark Charan Newton

I’m not sure if this review is any good, but I am sure that this book is great, I love it, and think that it’s a great addition to the series. It’s a long, long time since reading a book and series from a new author has made me this excited How he manages to fit it all into one book is amazing. The style of writing is so clean, no paragraph is wasted. This is such a pleasure to read. It’s slightly mad in places as Mark gets into transforming everything in sight, but that just adds to the fun of reading this book. I really believe in years to come we will be talking about new authors, and asking, are they the new Mark Charan Newton?

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Drakenfeld by Mark Charan Newton

The monarchies of the Royal Vispasian Union have been bound together for two hundred years by laws maintained and enforced by the powerful Sun Chamber. As a result, nations have flourished but corruption, deprivation and murder will always find a way to thrive... Receiving news of his father’s death Sun Chamber Officer Lucan Drakenfeld is recalled home to the ancient city of Tryum and rapidly embroiled in a mystifying case. The King’s sister has been found brutally murdered - her beaten and bloody body discovered in a locked temple. With rumours of dark spirits and political assassination, Drakenfeld has his work cut out for him trying to separate superstition from certainty. His determination to find the killer quickly makes him a target as the underworld gangs of Tryum focus on this new threat to their power. Embarking on the biggest and most complex investigation of his career, Drakenfeld soon realises the evidence is leading him towards a motive that could ultimately bring darkness to the whole continent. The fate of the nations is in his hands.

"I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy of Drakenfeld. Mark Charan Newton is an author who is not afraid to try something new, and I believe he is pushing the boundaries of what fantasy can be in exciting ways. I don't think it strictly falls into "New Weird" territory like his Legends of the Red Sun books seemed to, but it is refreshing to read a style of fantasy that I have not read before."

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