Martine Leavitt

Martine Leavitt was born 1953 in Taber, Alberta, Canada. She attended the University of Calgary where she graduated with first-class honours.

Her first three books (the award-winning Marmawell fantasy trilogy) were written while she was studying writing at the University of Calgary. Published under her then-name Martine Bates, the trilogy follows Marwen's adventures as she progresses to her destiny as a wizard, on the way falling in love with a prince.

Martine Leavitt books reviewed


Marmawell Trilogy

  • The Dragon's Tapestry (1992)
    When news of dragon trouble comes, Marwen doesn't scoff even though dragons haven't flown in the land of Ve for many generations. Her destiny has been woven, and it will lead her to lost lands, to the powerful magic of the Wizard's staff and to a mystery no one should have to face alone.
  • The Prism Moon (1993)
    The word is out upon the land: Marwen has vanquished the dragon and finds herself heir to the Wizard's staff. But her transformation is not yet complete, and the staff is not yet hers. And danger lurks closer than ever as the staff is sought by another who holds the dreaded power of the Prism Moon.
  • The Taker's Key (1998)
    An evil sorcery prowls the land. The Oldwives are losing their magic, and an ill wind weakens the hiding spell that protects them. Worse still, Marwen is powerless to stop any of it. She must find the Key, the powerful talisman woven into her tapestry. In the deathlands Marwen and the Oldwives must travel to solve its mystery.

Other novels

  • The Dollmage (2001)
    The Dollmage is the wise woman of Seekvalley. As her powers weaken and age comes upon her, she knows she must chose a successor. On the day she predicts to be the birthday of her chosen one, two girls are born: Annakey and Renoa. One must learn the Dollmage's magic, but which one? She chooses Renoa, but as Annakey grows, she discovers that she, too, has magic. When Seekvalley is threatened by outside forces, Annakey is the only one with a plan to save her people. But how can she ever persuade the Dollmage that she has the power to help? Who will believe her?
  • Tom Finder (2003)
    This riveting story is about a fifteen-year old boy who, as the story opens, realizes he has no idea who he is_beyond his first name_or what has led to his loss of memory. From the outset, he's on the run, a street kid thrust out on his own, living by his wits and involved in a quest to find another lost teenager whose First Nations father is desperate for news of his son. In the process, he learns to survive and begins to get a sense of his strengths and character.
  • Heck Superhero (2004)
    Thirteen-year-old Heck is a pretty normal kid with some artistic talent and a distinctive, hyperactive imagination. Life with his mother has been hand-to-mouth but not catastrophic. When he and his mother are evicted, she carelessly assumes he's staying with his friend. Heck, confident in his own ability to get by and wanting to protect his mother from any criticism, decides not to ask for help. For the next few days he experiences a harsher reality than he anticipated -- he's hungry, has no money, and doesn't have a home. At first he spends his time in a relatively safe public place, the mall. There he does a very stupid thing: he accepts a drug from a girl. Eventually Heck encounters Marion, a homeless man. Heck is aware that Marion is definitely on the other side of sane but can't help himself from getting involved. Heck unwisely participates in Marion's lunatic fantasy, even to the extent of assuring him that he will protect him. Heck sustains himself (and the reader) with his wit, imagination, and optimism as he navigates through many risky encounters, while ultimately realizing he's not a real superhero, but a kid.
  • Keturah and Lord Death (2006)
    Keturah, renowned for her storytelling, follows a legendary hart deep into the forest, where she becomes hopelessly lost. Her strength diminishes until, finally, she realizes that death is near--and learns then that death is a young lord, melancholy and stern. She is able to charm Lord Death with a story and gain a reprieve, but he grants her only a day, and within that day she must find true love. A spell-binding love story, interweaving elements of classic fantasy and high romance.