Michael A Stackpole

Born in USA, on 27th November 1957. Full name Michael Austin Stackpole. Writes both sf and fantasy. Best known for his Rogue Squadron Star Wars series. Awarded GAMA's Meritorious Service Award, in 1993, for work on the Game Manufacturers Association's Industry Watch Committee.

In his spare time, of which there isn't much, Mike serves as the Executive Director of the Phoenix Skeptics. In that capacity he examines claims of the paranormal and works on finding prosaic explanations for them (X-files amateur hour). He also plays indoor soccer and spends a certain amount of time in his garage, generating a lot of sawdust -- though he terms it woodworking. The final activity he spends time on is defending the gaming industry against claims of murder, suicide, mayhem and satanism, including testifying in a murder trial in Savannah, GA. Currently resides in Arizona.

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