Peter S Beagle

Peter S. Beagle was born in 1939 and raised in the Bronx, just a few blocks from Woodlawn Cemetery, the inspiration for his first novel, A Fine and Private Place. Today, thanks to classic works such as The Last Unicorn, Tamsin, and The Innkeeper’s Song, he is acknowledged as America’s greatest living fantasy author, and his dazzling abilities with language, characters, and magical storytelling have earned him many millions of fans around the world.

Peter has written numerous teleplays and screenplays in addition to his stories and novels. They include the animated versions of The Lord of the Rings and The Last Unicorn, plus the fan favourite “Sarek” episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. His non-fiction book, I See by My Outfit, which recounts a 1963 journey across America on motor scooter, is considered a classic of American travel writing. He is also a gifted poet, lyricist, and singer/song-writer.

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“Peter S. Beagle illuminates with his own particular magic such commonplace matters as ghosts, unicorns and werewolves. For years a loving readership has consulted him as an expert on those heart’s reasons that reason does not know” Ursula Le Guin

“Mr Beagle has… an inexhaustible bag of surprises… with overtones of Malory, Merlin, and the Arabian Nights… A writer whose work speaks so eloquently for itself needs no comparisons.” Best Sellers

"Peter S. Beagle is (in no particular order) a wonderful writer, a fine human being, and a bandit prince out to steal readers' hearts." Tad Williams

Peter S Beagle reviews

The Last Unicorn

NA written by Peter S Beagle

This is the story of the last unicorn on earth. She has lived contentedly alone for hundreds of years, and would have continued to do so, believing that there were others o [...]

Published: 1968

Our rating: 8.3 | 3 positive reader reviews