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Richard Scott Bakker, born February 2, 1967, is a Canadian author of fantasy fiction. He attended the University of Western Ontario before moving to London, Ontario, where he now lives with his wife.

R. Scott Bakker's work is dominated by a large series informally known as The Second Apocalypse, which Bakker began developing while in college in the 1980's. The series was originally planned to be a trilogy, with the first two books entitled The Prince of Nothing and The Aspect-Emperor. The third book has been referred to as The Book That Shall Not Be Named by Bakker, since the title of this book is considered to be a spoiler for the preceding volumes. However, when Bakker began writing the series in the early 2000's, he found it necessary to split each of the three novels into its own sub-series to incorporate all of the characters, themes and ideas he wished to explore. Bakker originally conceived of seven books: a trilogy and two duologies. This later shifted to two trilogies and one duology, with the acknowledgment that the third series may yet also expand to a trilogy.

R Scott Bakker reviews

The Darkness That Comes Before by R Scott Bakker

Welcome to Eärwa my friends. Where the sun is hot and the names are long. In reflection, these are the first things I always remember of this book. I recommend you spend a few minutes and read the character and faction glossary to familiarize yourself with the pronunciation of the major players and groups, some are quite a mouthful.

"I found Mr. Bakker’s writing style to be extremely satisfying. When I was finished a reading session I felt like I had just exercised or jogged a couple miles. This is not light weight reading my friends, but it is also not a Mervyn Peake. Except for my occasional name problem, I found the philosophical bent and the very personal emotional descriptions to be captivating."

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The Warrior Prophet by R Scott Bakker

But I have to say it again, my complaint is the names. In the heat of the battles, I found I was confused at various times over who was on which team. The battles were all very well written and played out, I just wasn’t always sure I was rooting for the “good guys” when it came to the lesser known generals and bondsmen. But that’s a small gripe for the overall story here. In this his second book, Mr. Bakker shows us his true potential and why we should be eagerly waiting for more to come.

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The Judging Eye by R Scott Bakker

This second series of Eärwa, titled The Aspect Emperor, continues twenty years after The Prince of Nothing series ends. The Three Seas are on the march under the leadership of Anasûrimbor Khellus. Khellus has spent these last twenty years conquering the various nations and forming the largest force he can to assault Golgotterath, the home of the No-god and his Consult, before they can gain full strength and begin their own assault on The Three Seas. A lot has changed in these years. Khellus and Esmenet have become Emperor and Empress and now rule the Three Seas completely since his half-brother Maithanet is the Shriah of the Thousand Temples, the dominant religion of the Tusk.

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The White Luck Warrior by R Scott Bakker

It’s a wild gripping ride from the first page to the last and I have given this book my highest personal honour. So for the second time in my adult life, when I finished this book, I took a couple hours for a break, opened a bottle of wine, and started over again.

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