Rowena Cory Daniells biography and books reviewed

Rowena Cory Daniells is passionate about writing. Her speculative fiction stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies including ‘Dreaming DownUnder’ which won World Best Fantasy and ‘Dreaming Again’.

She has supported the writing community by serving on the management committees of two national genre awards, the Queensland Writers Centre, the Brisbane Writers Festival and Fantastic Queensland. She lives by the bay with her husband and has six children. In her spare time she has devoted five years to studying each of these martial arts Tae Kwon Do, Aikido and Iaido, the art of the Samurai Sword.

When she sat down to write The Chronicles of King Rolen’s Kin, she set out to write the kind of book that you look forward to after a tough week at work, the kind of book that carries you away. KRK is published by SOLARIS. She is delighted with Clint Langley’s artwork.

Her new trilogy The Outcast Chronicles is due out in 2012, with absolutely fabulous covers by Clint Langley again. She’s currently working on a new KRK trilogy tentatively titled King Byren’s Kin.

Rowena also writes para-crime (that’s crime with a paranormal twist). Her new para-crime The Price of Fame is due out in June 2012, from Clan Destine Press.

Her agent is John Jarrold.

Rowena Cory Daniells reviews

The King's Bastard by Rowena Cory Daniells

Only seven minutes younger than Rolencia’s heir, Byren has never hungered for the throne. He laughs when a seer predicts that he will kill his twin. But the royal heir resents Byren’s growing popularity. Across the land the untamed magic of the gods wells up out of the earth’s heart. It sends exotic creatures to stalk the wintry nights and it twists men’s minds, granting them terrible visions. Those so touched are sent to the Abbey to control their gift, or die. At King Rolen’s court enemies plot to take his throne, even as secrets within his own household threaten to tear his family apart.

"There is so much more The King’s Bastard, that if I would continue I would reveal too much of the story. So in short. The King’s Bastard is in my opinion a must read for fantasy fans. It shows a great world, a country in struggle, magical creatures, great characters and brawling action."

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The Uncrowned King by Rowena Cory Daniells

Thirteen year old Pro watches powerless as her father’s enemies march on his castle. A traitor whispers poison in the King’s ear, undermining his trust in her brother, Byren. Determined to prove his loyalty, Byren races across the path of the advancing army, towards the Abbey. Somehow, he must get there in time to convince the Abbot to send his warriors to defend the castle. Meanwhile, the youngest of King Rolen’s sons, Fyn, has barely begun his training as an Abbey mystic, but he wakes in cold sweat hunted by dreams of betrayal...

"The Uncrowned King is a valuable addition to the series and shows a great broadening of the initial storyline, where Byren, Piro and Fyn all think that they are left alone and that the rest of their family is dead. The setting up the three remaining family members with their own adventures and perils is very interesting and will allow, I hope, for a climactic standoff. Just as with The King’s Bastard, this book is definitely recommended."

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Besieged by Rowena Cory Daniells

Sorne, the estranged son of a King on the verge of madness, is being raised as a weapon to wield against the mystical Wyrds. Half a continent away, his father is planning to lay siege to the Celestial City, the home of the T’En, whose wyrd blood the mundane population have come to despise. Within the City, Imoshen, the only mystic to be raised by men, is desperately trying to hold her people together. A generations long feud between the men of the Brotherhoods and the women of the sacred Sisterhoods is about to come to a head.

"Besieged is a great showcase of both intricate character relations on a small scale like between Imoshen and Vittoryxe as well as showing struggles of a hated and despised people on a greater scale with the True-men against T’en, this greater scale is also shown between the sisterhood and brotherhood. Similarly as The King’s Bastard the writing style is great and neat and reads away easily. All the events that occur in Besieged lead up to a nice ending with a good link to the second book. A solid plot, both betrayal on small and large scale, great likeable characters make Besieged a great starter." Jasper de Joode, Fantasy Book Review

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The Fall of Fair Isle by Rowena Cory Daniells

It has been six hundred years since Imoshen the First, Causare of the T'En, brought her beleaguered people across the seas to Fair Isle. The magical folk mixed with the natives, bringing culture and sophistication, and made the island one of the wealthiest, most powerful nations in the known world. But all glory is temporary. The Ghebites, savage barbarians from the warm north, have rolled over the mainland, conquering all in their path, and now they have taken Fair Isle. Imoshen, namesake of the first Empress and the last pure-blooded T'En woman, is all that survives of that great heritage. Now, just seventeen years of age, she must offer herself to the Ghebite General, Tulkhan, and do what she can to ensure her survival, and that of her people. One other T'En survives: Reothe, Imoshen's betrothed, newly returned from adventuring on the high seas. As the T'En warrior foments rebellion against Tulkhan in secret, Imoshen must choose, both as a woman and as a leader, between a past now lost and an uncertain future...

"This is not a book I would readily recommend. It really just wasn't my cup of tea. The politics of the series were very well portrayed, but in the end I felt exhausted after reading it, which hindered my ability to enjoy the series."

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