Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld an author of science fiction novels for adults as well as an occasional ghostwriter. He has also written three sets of books for young adults, the first called Midnighters, a tale of five teenagers born on the stroke of midnight, for whom time freezes every night, revealing a dark and terrible hidden world.

The other trilogy is Uglies, set in a future where cosmetic surgery is compulsory when you turn 16, making everyone beautiful. Of course, there are some people who want to keep their own faces... but they're not allowed.

There are also three stand-alone novels from Razorbill, all set in contemporary New York. The first is So Yesterday, about a cool hunter who runs afoul of a plot to end consumerism. The second is called Peeps, a "vampire" novel. The third is The Last Days, set in the same world as Peeps.

Born in Texas, Westerfeld splits his time between New York City and Sydney.

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