Simon P Edwards

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As well as being an author, Simon is a truly ardent fantasy fan too, and has been since he could read. From the heady heights of the Enid Blyton of his childhood years to Feist, Tolkien and Gemmell as a teenager, and now in his (early!) forties, anything that he can purloin for his voracious mind - from Peter V. Brett to Steven Erikson. They have all been devoured - the poor chaps!

'The Fallen Herald' is his first full novel and was primarily written courtesy of an endless series of writing holidays to Cornwall - cider not withstanding, of course! He describes his writing as 'genuine, and pure, epic fantasy.'

Simon writes fantasy novels part-time and has worked in Marketing for almost 20 years, holding the Chartered Institute of Marketing post graduate DipM.

When relaxing, and not writing, Simon will either be spending time with his family, running (in the opposite direction!) or playing fantasy games with the 'Wednesday night crowd.' Provided you have your running shoes on, you can catch Simon at:

Simon lives in Watford, in the UK, with wife Kim and daughter Chloe - who makes him smile and laugh more every single day.

Simon P Edwards books reviewed


  • The Fallen Herald (2010)