Walter E Mark

Walter E. Mark was raised in central Ohio. A graduate of Malone College in Canton, Ohio and of Massilon Baptist College in Massillon, Ohio, he holds a masters degree in Education and a bachelors degree in English. Formerly a high school teacher of twenty years, he and his wife Wendy now live in New Boston, Michigan where he is employed as a computer technician. They have a daughter and a son. Walter has written short stories, dappled in poetry and written novels.

Walter E Mark books reviewed


The Sixth World of Men

  • A Beacon of Hope (2010)
    On the surface, the sixth world of men is a glorious world. It is a world of great technological advancement. It is a world that has been at peace for a hundred years. While the world known as Kosundo by its inhabitants goes about its usual business, an ancient prophesy ominously predicts that the time of the soulless has come.
  • Paths of Intimate Contention (2011)
    What has he done to her? She would never agree to that unless he had done something horrible to her. Degmer just knows that Neaotomo had done something to Laysa while she was away. Then she sees how nicely Neaotomo is treating Laysa and how rudely he is treating her. Could Laysa really be cooperating with Neaotomo as he says? In Paths of Intimate Contention, Degmer's puzzle is only one of the riddles that must be solved by the people of Kosundo. Degmer must choose a side. Will she make the right decision? Her life depends on it, just as every life in Kosundo depends on the decisions that they all must now make.
  • The Beginning of Sorrows (2012)
    The Avengers are loose. Do they have anything to do with the prophecy concerning the twelfth? On the brink of the twelfth, a few dream dreams. What do they mean? Do the dreams hold the key to the prophesied crisis? The reactions seen with in the sixth world of men are varied. Some believe the prophecy, while others reject it as folly. Some whisper about conspiracies. Do they know something? What will really happen on the twelfth? Is there a way to avoid it? Is there really a crisis to avoid? The people of Kosundo will soon know the answers. The twelfth of Setmi is upon them…