Will Peterson

Will Peterson is the pseudonym of Mark Billingham and Peter Cocks. Mark is an acclaimed, award-winning author of numerous bestselling crime novels, while Peter is a popular children's TV writer and performer. As TV writers, Mark and Peter have worked together on many much-loved programmes such as Maid Marian and Her Merry Men, Knight School and The Cramp Twins.

Will Peterson reviews


The Triskellion series: Book 1 written by Will Peterson

Rachel and Adam are sent to stay with their grandmother, following their parents' divorce. But the quiet English village is a sinister, unsettling place. Is there a dar [...]

Published: 2008

Our rating: 7.6 | 0 positive reader reviews


The Burning

The Triskellion series: Book 2 written by Will Peterson

After their harrowing escape from the sinister village of Triskellion, twins Rachel and Adam had hoped their troubles were over. Instead, betrayed by the one person they be [...]

Published: 2009

Our rating: 7.8 | 0 positive reader reviews


The Gathering

The Triskellion series: Book 3 written by Will Peterson

This is the third and final instalment in the paranormal adventure trilogy. Having narrowly escaped the clutches of the Hope Project, Rachel and Adam begin a new life in Au [...]

Published: 0000

Our rating: 8.0 | 0 positive reader reviews