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Recommended reads by sub-genre

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High / Epic fantasy

Secondary world with epic characters, themes, and plot

Historical fantasy / fiction

Historical fiction with fantasy elements


Bleak subject matter and a dystopian setting

Parallel universe

Fantasy set in parallel worlds

Science / Speculative

Draws elements from both science fiction and fantasy

Children's Fantasy

Fantasy for ages up to 12

Young Adult

Fantasy for ages 12+

Adult Fantasy

Fantasy for ages 18+

Dystopian / Post-Apocalyptic

Fiction set in dark, nightmarish worlds

Monarchy / Empire

Fantasy books with empires at their core

Gothic Fiction

Fiction with elements of fear, horror, death, gloom and romance

Vampire Fiction

Fiction with vampiric characters

Werewolf Fiction

Fiction with werewolf characters


Fiction with steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology

Dragon Fiction

Fiction with the legendary, scaled, fire-breathing creatures

Wizards / Magicians

Fantasy with wizards, witches, magicians, sorceresses...

Lore, Legend and Mythology

Inspired by ancient folklore and mythology

Military Fantasy

Fantasy books focusing on mailtary life

Roman historical fiction

Explore the ancient Roman Empire

Star Wars

Books exploring the galaxy of the ever-popular franchise

Animal fantasy books

Fantasy with sentient animals

The Thief / Assassin

Fantasy books starring the thief or the assassin


Fiction exploring beyond the laws of nature


Japanese comic books and graphic novels


Liked to be scared? These books will do that...

Comic Fantasy

For the reader who loves to laugh

Inspired by Tolkien

Love Lord of the Rings? Now try these...


The best science fiction and fantasy anthlogies