Wolf Brother: the movie

The movie version of Michelle Paver’s highly successful fantasy novel Wolf Brother was first scheduled for a 2007 US release but news has been think on the ground since. Encouragingly though is the fact that Ridley Scott’s name is still attached to the film, due to be distributed by 20th Century Fox.

In getting Ridley Scott to direct the movie they have employed possibly the greatest living director, his portfolio includes Blade Runner, Gladiator, Thelma & Louise, Alien and American Gangster. Most directors would be proud to be associated with only one of the above films.

Scott’s availability may be the cause of the slow start in filming the movie as I guess that he has a pretty busy schedule and currently has eight movies in pre-production.

We will keep you updated as to any developments.

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  1. I’ve been waiting eagerly for this series to become a movie since I was 12. This year marks a decade for me, and I’m still holding out. As for Renn and Torak auditions, i can guarantee everyone on this thread is too old and, on another note, as someone familiar with the acting buisness, it’s very rare for a good movie to have open auditions. Usually, your agent pitches you to a single casting crew, and 9 times outta 10, they take one look at you and choose wether or not you even get to audition and, on top of that, they only audition about 20 people for each part. Just saying. And, one more note, for those of you hating on American actors, even though it was a British novel, the “accent” in the film would likely be more islander/native which can easily be played by ANYONE. ๐Ÿ˜‰ CoAD for life! PEACE!

  2. Hi, everyone who still awaits this series to be made into movies, SIGN THIS PETITION: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/wolfbrother

    It only takes a few seconds, but contributes immensely. When we reach the goal, we’ll send it in to the producers and we might have a better chance at getting answers about the production.
    Hope you’ll find it worthwhile, fellow fans ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Still waiting… I’m gonna be so sad if this book series that has so much potential and more fans than you think is not turned into a movie franchise! Which doesn’t seem very probable right now but… PLEASE SOME GOOD DIRECTOR DO IT THIS MATERIAL IS PRECIOUS AND COULD BE SO SUCCESSFUL.
    P.S. This book series is pretty much everyone’s childhood, so I’ll think people will check it out in the theatres.

  4. I really want to be Renn, I have red hair, freckles, pale skin and I have an agency and have done acting.

    I love the chronicles of ancient darkness series.

    I live in South Africa.

    Search Canada Dry commercial on you tube, click on the little by little one and that’s me!

  5. I really want to be Renn, I have red hair, freckles, pale skin and I have an agency and have done acting.

    I love the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series.

    I live in South Africa.

  6. It’s been ages since I’ve read this, literally 4 to 5 years and it still hasn’t come out. Please let me know if it’s still going to come out. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. is the movie already out? cuz my friend LOVES the books and if it is i wanna tell her cuz we r like sisters so…… ya. and u people r talking about them auditioning people? right? if so, where. but that depends on if the movie is already out or not. laters

  8. I must know!!!!!! I am just finishing up the sixth book tonight!!!!!! E-mail, facebook, call anything!!!!!!!! I must know as soon as any details are released!!!!!!!!!

  9. Okay, so I too am a huge fan of the books (surprise surprise!). I’m 17 and I’ve read them several times from when Wolf Brother first came out in 2004. I’d love to play Renn but realistically that’s not gonna happen, but still would love to know about auditions! Thanks guys and good luck to anyone wanting to be in the films.
    P.S Catherss you are totally right.

  10. If Wolf Brother is made into a film the music: ‘Heart of Courage’,’Love and loss’ and ‘Moving Mountains’ by Two Steps from Hell would sound great. Have a listen and put what you think.

  11. Adolf, your right! Why would you want to film on a glacier or in the Tundra? Renn wanna be’s, use your head!

  12. Also, if you got the part, would you really want to spend the time filming in European Tundra or on a Glacier or ‘Ice River’ (Quote from the series). However, on a lighter note yein, I also enjoyed the book but nein, I didn’t cry at a book designed for ages of 11+. About the film, hang on in there, if there is going to be an ‘Avatar 2’ I’m sure some clever investor will see that making ‘Wolf Brother’ into a film is really worth it and will turn out profits on a huge scale. Be patient, it WILL come. If not, I’ll invest in it when I’m older if I have the the money! P.S My name means wolf in German. PPS If you want to play Renn or Torak ECT, good luck and god be with you.
    (I’m sure I’ll write again)

  13. Technically it would work better with Northen Europeans or people from the Soviet Union/Russian Federation/Russia. Sorry, just trying to be geograghical.

  14. Sorry to burst your bubble those who want to be Torak or Renn, but it doesn’t matter what you look like. Thay can change anything about you (e.g. the Weasly twins in Harry Potter actually have brown hair and I don’t think they have freckles), and it won’t matter what level you got in school. School levels aren’t really much to do with your skill: that would be unfair on people who aren’t great actors. Also, you’re going probably to need a agent to get a decent part in the movie, and you’ll need to be about 12/13. Don’t get me wrong: I love to books and it would be amazing to play Renn and I would love too: but realistically it’s not going to happen to me. Also, good luck trying to play Wolf for the simple reason of IT’S A WOLF. I reckon that they’re probably going to record a wolf speaking and put subtitles. If auditions DO happen then they’ll probably be in London, and I think they will want English actors, because in my opinion an American/Australian wouldn’t work very well as in CoAD the language would’ve been before accents.
    (I know so much about this as my friend wants to be an actor and I did some research for her)
    But good luck all anyways.

  15. This is driving me crazy!!! I really want a Wolf Brother movie, the 7th book and to live in the time of Torak and Renn!!!! I get all depresed and stay in my room all day and don’t eat anything. (I do this alot, it’s normal for me ^^) and yet I can talk to my dog and no one else can understand us like Torak and Wolf. It’s me and Pip the husky, the closest breed of dog to a wolf if I am not mistaken. Now for my big announcement… I don’t want to play Renn in the movie!!! I have very bad stage fright!! I start crying when I am in front of a crowd. I hope the movie comes out soon because I have read all the books at least 10 times! (I have alot of spare time)
    Over and out!

  16. I love the books, anyone who reads them is awesome. My friends think I am crazy because I like them but I love them. I am on the last book and I can’t believe it is going to end. I hope Michelle writes some more! I can’t wait for the film and hope it is good… no brilliant! Thank you Michelle Paver for writing such billiant books!

  17. im gonna be a regular on this blog, i just really want the part, lol if the director mailed me sayin’ hey! you got the lead’ haha

  18. i think they should get dumbledore to be fin kiden and the mummy from the mummy curse movie to be the oak mage , but i doubt hteres gonna be any auditions


  20. I WANT THE PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of renn, i searched the character and i really look like her, except the hair, if ANYONE know what date and time they are holding auditions plz tell me mail me or tweet me
    i have lots ideas for the film and i thought tht might help, its like the auditions for harry potter, its 1/100000000000000000000000000, but there still was 1% chance

  21. see now i would be perfect to play renn, i imagine me acting while i read the books and i would most probaly die if the film came out and i wasnt in it, (i know it sounds snubby)i am actually kinda like renn, except the red hair and my heart is breaking as i write this because i know a lotta people wanna be renn :'(

  22. I HAVE to know if it will come out. I’ve been waiting so long, like 3 years!!Ii read the books in year 6 and I’m in year 9 now and still… NOTHING!! These books HAVE to become movies! They would be brilliant as live action films! They are such amazing books with such awesome characters and plot line!!! I AM GOING MAD!! SOMEONE PLEASSE TELL ME THERE WILL BE A FILM!!

  23. heey i would love to be renn, i know this is very unlikely, but the books are so amazing,it’s impossible to describe. I’ve read all the books, honest i finished reading the last one at school and i one a contest in school to act out renn’s part on stage!!!
    pleasse someone let me know the details!!!!!!????
    ps love the books forever!!

  24. I need to be Renn, I love acting. I got a 7A in our recent assessment and our teacher says that getting an 8 is extremly rare. I have ginger hair, freckles, I have green eyes but hey ho. I’m 13, not to much older plus they always cast characters older now, I mean look at Percy Jackson or Steve (vampire’s assistant). Hoping I find out where they are, wish me luck.

  25. Well! First A LOT O COMMENTS. Second, I want it! (movie). Third, I agree with most comments (have not read all).

  26. I just finished the last book and cried!!!!! It was AWESOME – they need to make all of the books movies and fast!

  27. OMG! I LOOOVE the book! It’s brilliant! I can’t wait for the movie to come out! Anyone needing a Renn? Please please!!!!! I would love to play her! I would also love to play parts in that time zone! Am I too late for any auditions? Is 15 too old??? I promise you, I do not look like I’m 15! It’s a book that will never get old! I even did an English paper on the book, I had to pretend that I was making a movie out of it! (does it matter if I’m South African?)

  28. joshua, you acxtually saw a trailer? i doubt that, but i hope there will be a film one day. sadly i have no acting skills, wrong accent (scottish) and look nothing like renn, so no chance for me.
    id still love to be a random extra though XD

  29. God! I am absolutely in love with the series and would absolutely love to get a part in the movie! I’ve always dreamed of being an actor at an early age; I’m only 10 but would love to get a part. Can someone tell me when and where they’re holding the auditions?

  30. I love the Swedish version of Wolf Brothers, Vargbrรถder. I also wants to see a movie of Wolf Brother!

  31. Ugh!!!!!!!!! When does it come out? Ridley Scott is an awesome director, I read all the CoAD series and I cried in all of them. They are masterpeices ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. When does this movie come out????? I love these books!!!!!!!!! They are amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I got the sixth book as soon as it came out and finished it that day. When this movie comes out I will be the first in line to see it. This series is, without a doubt, my favourite. I wish that Michelle Paver was writing another book to this series ๐Ÿ™ Anyways, I can’t wait to see the movie!!!!!

  33. OMG! I heard a rumour about it coming out but i never knew it would ;DDDDDD
    Hope it comes out soon!

  34. Is there a movie?

    And if there is when is it out?

    I love the books; can’t wait for the movie!

  35. I could be Torak because I’m 11 in September and I have long brown hair and look like Torak does on the first book.

  36. OMG! I absolutely LOVE these books!!!!! Apparently Ghost Hunter is going to be the last book in the series :'( These books are AMAZING!!!!! I hope it’s not too late for auditions because I REALLY want to be Renn. I even have light skin XP. IDK if they are going to want known actors and actresses or not. If it’s in England then that will really suck because I’m here in America waiting to be picked!! If any1 knows anything about auditions please let me know!

  37. I love this series and I’m like seriously obsessed with it. I’ve read it so many times you could ask me anything about them and I would know it. I have all the books… and I even started writing one to continue the series – not that I was thinking about publishing it… it only has 334 pages.. but I guess it’s okay for my first book. But I seriously am in love with this series; I cry every time I finish a book. I thought I would never read anything else but I came across The Earth’s Children’s series by Jean Auel. It has the same idea and is really spectacular series but the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, will always come first (even though I just picked a random book at library one day… it happened to be Spirit Walker so yeah I read the 2nd book first but then I read the first and it all made sense). I cried and people made fun of me because I read but that didn’t stop me and I’m still reading. Once I started, I can’t stop! I tell every single one of my friends to read the series and even their sisters and brothers; I made my Mom read them too. Aagh! I love this series and was heartbroken when I found out Michelle Paver wasn’t writing a 7th book. I cried and cried and cried but I had to get over it. It was hard and I still know I will never forget the series. I will be buried with my books I don’t care what people say. So what, I guess I am a dork or a freak but I don’t care, if that the price I have to pay for reading these books, that’s just what I’ll do. Ugh! I love Torak, Renn, Wolf, Bale, Fin-Kedinn, Dark, Rip, Rek Darkfur, and Pebble… and I know I will never be able to say goodbye.

  38. I’m currently reading the 6th book, and when I’m done, I will read them all again, and again, and again, until I grow tired of reading them. Though I doubt I will ever grow tired of them, even when I’m older. When, or perhaps I should say if, the movie comes out, I’ll be there at the premiere to watch, though honestly I think it will be a disappointment, like most books that are turned into movies are. I definitely hope Michelle will write more books, I almost cried when I read that the 6th book was the last, there are so much more that Torak and the rest can do!

  39. The best book, when I’ve started to read it I can’t put it down. I LOVE the books. But it is bad that Michelle Paver is not going to write any more books about Torak and Renn. I’m going to read the whole series one more time. Hope the movie is coming out, and does someone know when it comes out?

  40. I like wolf but I guess I can’t audition because I’m just 11 years old and it’s probably out somewhere in England already!

  41. Wow! I guess you people love the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness! I’m only on the 2nd book!

  42. The day I find out that the series is over I will go cry, literally I mean it. There are so many more adventures that Torak Renn and Wolf could have. All Michelle Paver has to do is write it down and publish it so we can all go buy it and read it and love it.

  43. Another thing is that I hope when they make the movie that the actors and the scenes are like the book.

  44. I absolutely love the series and I read it in book club at school and I fell in love with it. I got all my friends to read the story I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone!!!

  45. I think it is coming out this May, I saw in a different movie a preview of it. It was awesome, I so am looking forward to seeing it.

  46. Oh yeah, if there is going to be a film, no offence to Americans, but I don’t think they should have American actors. Definitley not saying there is anything wrong with the accent, I just don’t think it will suit the film.

  47. Thanks and everything, but the first news on the film was in 2005, its 2009 now, so is there even going to be one? I’m starting to highly doubt there will be now, and there isn’t any news on auditions from what I can find out (to people who are looking). xoxo

  48. Ok so it’s like this. If you want to be Torak, you gotta be darker toned and be like Torak in real life, so it’s like real life when your performing. If you want to be Renn, you must have a lighter tone and be like Renn in real life so it’s like real life when you perform. It’s very simple. And yes, experienced actors and actresses have a higher chance of being chosen. This isn’t some disney c**p with cheesy performers.

  49. Call me a cynic, but I doubt there will be auditions. After all, they will probably want experienced actors and actresses to play the parts.

  50. I have read the whole series from Wolf Brother to Ghost Hunter and just love them all. I donยดt know what to do these days. I just canยดt wait until the film and want them to start auditions for I would love to be Torak.

  51. I bet it won’t be as good as the books, which were FANTASTIC!!, like Eragon-the film sucked. But we can always hope. It would be amazing if the films were good. I would love to be Renn. I’m fourteen, and have been acting for about nine years. But it’s probably too late for the auditions.

  52. Best series of bokks iv’e ever read and i have read alot!! when is it coming out!! i cant wait!!

  53. Is it being filmed in America? I would so love to audition for a part, it never crossed my mind I might not be able to. Please don’t let it be in America… please please please… I love these books so so so so so so much.

  54. omg can some1 please tell me when it comes out i really wanna watch the movie, the book’s are so goood!!!!!
    i cant wait until movie comes out its so go000000000000000000000000d

  55. Hmm lot of people want to be Renn huh? As for me I would want to be Torak ( in my opinion a much better character). I have done other films before so maybe, just maybe…

  56. ENGLAND?????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Better start saving money now! LOL

  57. OH My Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does ANYONE know where and when aditions are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying to try out for Renn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Oath Breaker:) Wish they would never end!!! UI will cry when I finish Ghost Hunter:(

  58. OMG!!!!! i cant wait 4 the movie!!!! i would absolutly love 2 try out 4 Renn but i would never get the part!!! lol i cant wait!!


  60. i dont think they will be hold auditions there – i heard it was gonna be in england.
    as it is a brittish film. (is it?) – ah well . i wouldnt get the part anyway. lol

    x o x o

  61. I want to audtion too. I want to be Renn. I am making videos of my voice and moves.
    The movie is going to be people playing as them.
    The audions would be held in HollyWood California!
    See ya there!
    Brittany(Renn in real life)!

  62. heya, ive read every book in the series so far, and i think they are great! I , as everyone else, really want to audition for the part Renn. so, if anyone knows where or when or anything about it, please say. thx.
    but, i also heard that they might even make it into a film anymore – this true? please say its not.
    x o x o

  63. Can anybody tell me when and where auditions are being held pleaseee !! I would be so awesome to be in this movie i love CoAD so muchh !! xx

  64. OMG i would also love to be Renn! That would be soo cool! R they holding open auditions? I really really hope so! If anyone does no, do they know when they would be? xx

    So awesome, so cool if they had a real wolf. Torak is awesome OMG I can’t believe it! I want it now NOW!!! Becomign catatonic askjdaksjhdskhj

  66. is it going to be live action(would be good) or cgi animaiton(would be poo) or (would be awsome) hand drawn animation ?


  68. Plese tell me when it comes out i looooove the books i have read them all multiple times, and when does the next book come out? im almost done with outcast its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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