Midnight Tides – GLOSSARY

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Letherii Titles

Acquitor: a sanctioned position as guide/factor when dealing with non-Letherii peoples
Atri-Preda: military commander who governs a city or town
Ceda: title of King’s own mage
Finadd: equivalent of captain in the military
Preda: equivalent of commander or general in the military
Sentinel: the King’s Voice in establishing first contact with non-Letherii peoples
The King’s Leave: a title relieving the holder of all criminal convictions

Lether Place Names

Burl Square: a square in Letheras
Cedance: the dominant set of Titles (see the Holds)
Cul Street: a street in Letheras
Down Markets: a district in Letheras
Errant’s Heel: an alley in Letheras
Eternal Domicile: the new palace under construction in Letheras
Huldo’s: a restaurant in Letheras
Katter Bight: a stretch of water outside Old Katter
Kraig’s Landing: upriver from the city of Trate
Lether: the kingdom and its protectorates
Letheras: the capital city of Lether
Merchant’s Tolls: equivalent of a stock market in Lether
Purser’s District: a district in Letheras
Quillas Canal: one of the main canals in Letheras
Rat Catcher’s Guild: a mysterious guild active throughout Lether
Red Lane: a lane in Letheras
Rild’s: a restaurant in Letheras
Scale House: headquarters of the Rat Catcher’s Guild, Letheras
Sherp’s Last Lane: a lane in Letheras
Soulan Bridge: a bridge in Letheras
Stinking House: abode of Selush the Dresser of the Dead
Tarancede Tower: a watchtower overlooking Trate Harbour
Temple School: an educational institution in Letheras
The Temple: a high-end brothel in Letheras
Urum’s Lenders: an establishment in Letheras
Windlow’s Meatgrinders: an abattoir in Letheras

Letherii Cities:, Villages and Forts

Brans Keep
Fent Reach
First Maiden Fort
First Reach
Five Points
Fort Shake
High Fort
The Manse
Miner Sluice
Old Gedure
Old Katter
Second Maiden Fort
Third Maiden Fort

Letherii Protectorates

Pockface Islands

Neighbouring Kingdoms


Letherii Military

Artisan Battalion
Bluerose Battalion
Cold Clay Battalion
Crimson Rampant Brigade
Fent Garrison
Grass Jackets Brigade
Harridict Brigade
Katter Legion
Maiden Garrison
Merchant’s Battalion
Shake Legion
Trate Legion
Wave Wake Brigade
Whitefinder Battalion

Letherii Phrases

Blue Style Steel: an earlier method of ironmongery
Docks: commonest denomination of Lether money
Dresh Ballista: a multi-quarrel war weapon
Letheran Steel: a secret method of ironmongery
Letherii: that of Lether, also the name of the language and of the people
Levels: the coin of the wealthy of Lether
Lupe Fish: a large carnivorous fish resident in Lether River and canals of Letheras
Ootooloo: a primitive but singular sea-creature from Bluerose
Peaks: the coin of the filthy rich in Lether
(The) Seventh Closure: prophesied renaissance
(The) Shrouded Sisters of the Empty Throne: Educators
Stripling: lowest denomination of Lether money
Truce Fever: a common, curable fever
Tusked Milk: an alcoholic beverage

Tiste Edur Places And Names

Arapay: subjugated and easternmost tribe of the Tiste Edur
Beneda: subjugated tribe of the Tiste Edur
Calach Breeding Beds: coastline where Tusked Seals breed
Den-Ratha: subjugated, northernmost tribe of the Tiste Edur
Hasana Inlet: an inlet claimed by the Tiste Edur
Hiroth: dominant tribe of the Tiste Edur
Kaschan Inlet: an inlet claimed by the Tiste Edur
Knarri: a whaling and fishing craft
K’orthan: raider longboats
K’risnan: the Warlock King’s cadre of sorcerers
Merude: subjugated tribe of the Tiste Edur
Morok Tree: a blue-leafed tree used in funeral practices
Sollanta: subjugated tribe of the Tiste Edur
Stonebowl: a natural depression at the base of a gorge north of the main Hiroth village

Other Names, Titles And Terms

(The) Eres’al: the spirit goddess of the Nerek
Faraed: an assimilated people in Lether
Fent: an assimilated people in Lether
Jheck: a northern tribe
Ken’ryllah: a type of demon
Kenyll’rah: a type of demon
Khalibaral:: a type of demon
Meckros: a civilization of mobile, floating cities
N’purel: the Whiskered Fish of the Kenyll’rah homeworld
Nachts: Jaghut-bred versions of bhoka’rala
Nerek: an assimilated people in Lether
Onyx Wizards: sorcerers of Bluerose (defeated in conquest)
Tarthenal: an assimilated people in Lether
The Seregahl: the five gods of the Tarthenal

Mythos (Letherii, Edur And Other)

(The) Black Winged Lord: divinity worshipped in Bluerose
Kilmandaros: an Elder Goddess
Mael: an Elder God
Menandore (Betrayer, Dawn)
Scabandari Bloodeye (Father Shadow, Emurlahnis)
Sheltatha Lore (Daughter Dusk)
Silchas Ruin (The Betrayer)
Sukul Ankhadu (The Fickle, Dapple)

The Holds

The Tiles

The Beast Hold

  • Bone Perch
  • Elder
  • Crone
  • Seer
  • Shaman
  • Hunter
  • Tracker

The Azath Hold

  • Heartstone
  • Keeper
  • Portal
  • Path
  • Mason
  • Tomb
  • Guest
  • Barrow
  • Root
  • Wall

The Dragon Hold

  • Queen
  • Consort
  • Liege
  • Knight
  • Gate
  • Wyval
  • The Lady
  • Blood-Drinker
  • Path-Shaper

The Ice Hold

  • Ice Throne
  • Walker
  • Huntress
  • Shaper
  • Bearer
  • Child
  • Seed

The Empty Hold

  • Empty Throne
  • Wanderer
  • Mistress
  • Watcher
  • Walker
  • Saviour
  • Betrayer

The Fulcra (unaligned)

  • Shapefinder
  • The Pack
  • The Errant
  • Axe (Eres)
  • Crow (White Crow)
  • Fire
  • Dolmen
  • Blade
  • Knuckles

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