Gardens of the Moon – DRAMATIS PERSONAE

The prologue of Gardens of the Moon takes place in the 1154th Year of Burn’s Sleep, the 96th Year of the Malazan Empire, The Last Year of Emperor Kellanved’s Reign. Chapter One, Pale, takes place in the 1161st Year of Burn’s Sleep, the 103rd Year of the Malazan Empire, the 7th Year of Empress Laseen’s Rule.

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The Malazan Empire

Onearm’s Host

Tattersail, Cadre Sorceress, 2nd Army, a reader of the Deck of Dragons
Hairlock, Cadre Mage, 2nd Army, an unpleasant rival of Tayschrenn
Calot, Cadre Mage, 2nd Army, Tattersail’s lover
Toc the Younger, scout, 2nd Army, a Claw agent badly scarred at the Siege of Pale

The Bridgeburners

Sergeant Whiskeyjack, 9th Squad, past commander of the 2nd Army
Corporal Kalam, 9th Squad, an ex-Claw from Seven Cities
Quick Ben, 9th Squad, a Seven Cities Mage
Sorry, 9th Squad, a deadly killer in the guise of a young girl
Hedge, 9th Squad, a sapper
Fiddler, 9th Squad, a sapper
Trotts, 9th Squad, a Barghast warrior
Mallet, 9th Squad, the squad healer
Sergeant Antsy, 7th Squad
Picker, 7th Squad

The Imperial Command

Ganoes Stabro Paran, a noble-born officer in the Malazan Empire
Dujek Onearm, High Fist, Malazan Armies, Genabackis Campaign
Tayschrenn, High Mage to the Empress
Bellurden, High Mage to the Empress
Nightchill, High Sorceress to the Empress
A’Karonys, High Mage to the Empress
Lorn, Adjunct to the Empress
Topper, Commander of the Claw
Empress Laseen, Ruler of the Malazan Empire

House Paran (Unta)

Tavore, Ganoes’ sister (middle-child)
Felisin, Ganoes’ younger sister
Gamet, House Guard and veteran

In The Emperor’s Time

Emperor Kellanved, the founder of the Empire, assassinated by Laseen
Dancer, the Emperor’s chief adviser, assassinated by Laseen
Surly, Laseen’s old name when Commander of the Claw
Dassem Ultor, the First Sword of Empire, killed outside Y’ghatan, Seven Cities
Toc (the Elder), disappeared in Laseen’s purge of the Old Guard

In Darujhistan

The Phoenix Inn Regulars

Kruppe, a man of false modesty
Crokus Younghand, a young thief
Rallick Nom, an assassin in the Guild
Murillo, a courtier
Coll, a drunk
Meese, a regular
Irilta, a regular
Scurve, the barman
Sulty, a serving woman
Chert, an unlucky bully

The T’orrud Cabal

Baruk, a High Alchemist
Derudan, a Witch of Tennes
Mammot, a High Priest of D’riss and eminent scholar, uncle to Crokus
Travale, a pious soldier of the Cabal
Tholis, a High Mage
Parald, a High Mage

The Council

Turban Orr, a powerful councilman and Simtal’s lover
Lim, an ally of Turban Orr
Simtal, Lady of Simtal Estate
Estraysian D’Arle, a rival of Turban Orr
Challice D’Arle, his daughter

The Guild Of Assassins

Vorcan, Mistress of the Guild (also known as the Master of Assassins)
Ocelot, Rallick Nom’s Clan Leader
Talo Krafar, an assassin of Jurrig Denatte’s Clan
Krute of Talient, an agent of the Guild

Also In The City

The Eel, a rumoured master-spy
Circle Breaker, an agent of the Eel
Vildrom, a city guard
Captain Stillis, Captain of Guard, Simtal Estate

Further Players

The Tiste Andii

Anomander Rake, Lord of Moon’s Spawn, Son of Darkness, Knight of Darkness
Serrat, second-in-command to Rake
Korlat, a night-hunter and blood-kin to Serrat
Orfantal, a night-hunter
Horult, a night-hunter

The T’lan Imass

Logros, Commander of the T’lan Imass Clans serving the Malazan Empire
Onos T’oolan, a clanless warrior
Pran Chole, a Bonecaster (shaman) of the Kron T’lan Imass
Kig Aven, a Clan Leader


Crone, a Great Raven and servant to Anomander Rake
Silanah, an Elient and companion to Anomander Rake
Raest, a Jaghut Tyrant
K’rul, an Elder God, the Maker of Paths
Caladan Brood, the warlord, opposing the Malazan armies in the North Campaign
Kallor, Brood’s second-in-command
Prince K’azz D’Avore, Commander of the Crimson Guard
Jorrick Sharplance, a Crimson Guard officer
Cowl, a High Mage in the Crimson Guard
Corporal Blues, Sixth Blade of the Crimson Guard
Fingers, Sixth Blade of the Crimson Guard
The Hound Baran, a Hound of Shadow
The Hound Blind, a Hound of Shadow
The Hound Gear, a Hound of Shadow
The Hound Rood, a Hound of Shadow
The Hound Shan, a Hound of Shadow
The Hound Doan, a Hound of Shadow
The Hound Ganrod, a Hound of Shadow
Shadowthrone/Ammanas, Ruler of the Warren of Shadow
The Rope/Cotillion, Companion of Shadowthrone and Patron of Assassins
Icarium, Builder of the Wheel of Ages in Darujhistan
Mappo, Icarium’s companion
The Pannion Seer, a Prophet Tyrant ruling the Pannion

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