Gardens of the Moon – GLOSSARY

Titles and Groups

First Sword of Empire: Malazan and T’lan Imass, a title denoting an Imperial champion
Fist: a military governer in the Malazan Empire
High Fist: a commander of armies in the Malazan Campaign
Kron T’lan Imass: the name of the clans under the command of Kron
Logros T’lan Imass: the name of the clans under the command of Logros
The Bridgeburners: a legendary elite division in the Malaz 2nd Army
The Crimson Guard: a famous mercenary company commanded by a deposed prince
The Pannion Seer: a mysterious prophet ruling the lands south of Darujhistan
The Warlord: the name for Caladan Brood
The Claw: the covert organization of the Malazan Empire

Peoples (human and non-human)

Barghast (non-human): pastoral nomadic warrior society
Daru: cultural group sharing citizenry in cities in northern Grenabackis
Gadrobi: indigenous cultural group in central Genabackis
Genabarii: cultural group (and language) in north-west Genabackis
Forkrul Assail (non-human): extinct mythical people (one of the Four Founding Races)
Jaghut (non-human): extinct mythical people (one of the Four Founding Races)
K’Chain Che’Malle (non-human): extinct mythical people (one of the Four Founding Races)
Moranth (non-human): highly regimented civilization centred in Cloud Forest
Rhivi: pastoral nomadic society in central plains of Genabackis
T’lan Imass: one of the Four Founding Races, now immortal
Tiste Andii (non-human): an Elder Race
Trell (non-human): pastoral nomadic warrior society in transition to sedentarianism


Apsalar, Lady of Thieves
Beru, Lord of Storms
Burn, Lady of the Earth, the Sleeping Goddess
Caladan Brood, the Warlord
Cotillion/The Rope (the Assassin of High House Shadow)
Dessembrae, Lord of Tragedy
D’rek, the worm of Autumn (somtimes the Queen of Disease, see Poliel)
Fanderay, She-Wolf of Winter
Fener, the Boar (see also Tennerock)
Gedderone, Lady of Spring and Rebirth
Great Ravens, ravens sustained by magic
Hood (King of High House Death)
Jhess, Queen of Weaving
Kallor, the High King
K’rul, Elder God
Mowri, Lady of Beggars, Slaves and Serfs
Nerruse, Lady of Calm Seas and Fair Wind
Oponn, Twin Jesters of Chance
Osserc, Lord of the Sku
Poliel, Mistress of Pestilence
Queen of Dreams (Queen of High House Life)
Shadowthrone/Ammanas (King of High House Shadow)
Shedenul/Soliel, Lady of Health
Soliel, Mistress of Healing
Tennerock/Fenner, the Boar of Five Tusks
The Crippled God, King of Chains
The Hounds (of High House Shadow)
Togg (see Fanderay), the Wolf of Winter
Trake/Treach, the Tiger of Summer and Battle
Son of Darkness/Moon’s Lord/Anomander Rake (Knight of High House Dark)
Treach, First Hero

The World of Sorcery

The Warrens (the Paths – those Warrens accessible to humans)

Denul: the Path of Healing
D’riss: the Path of Stone
Hood’s Path: the Path of Death
Meanas: the Path of Shadow and Illusion
Ruse: the Path of the Sea
Rashan: the Path of Darkness
Serc: the Path of the Sky
Tennes: the Path of the Land
Thyr: the Path of Light

The Elder Warrens

Kurald Galain: the Tiste Andii Warren of Darkness
Tellann: the T”lan Imass Warren
Omtose Phellack: the Jaghut Warren
Starvald Demelain: the Tiam Warren, the First Warren

The Deck of Dragons – The Fatid (and associated Ascendants)

High House Life
Queen (Queen of Dreams)

High House Death
King (Hood)
Knight (once Dassem Ultor)

High House Light

High House Dark
Knight (Son of Darkness)

High House Shadow
King (Shadowthrone/Ammanas)
Assassin (the Rope/Cotillion)

Oponn (the Jesters of Chance)
Obilisk (Burn)

Bonecaster: a shaman of the T’lan Imass
Chance: a sword dedicated to Oponn
D’ivers: a higher order of shape-shifting
Dragnipur: a sword used by Anomander Rake
Finnest: an object used as a repository of power by a Jaghut
Otataral: a magic-negating reddish ore mined from the Tanno Hills, Seven Cities
Soletaken: an order of shape-shifting
The T’orrud Cabal: the Cabal of Darujhistan
The Tyrant Kings: the ancient rulers of Darujhistan
Warrens of Chaos: the miasmic paths between the Warrens

Place Names

Apple: A Genabackan Free City
Blackdog Forest: On the continent of Genabackis, large boreal forest on shield bedrock, site of major battles between the Malazan Empire and the armies of Caladan Brood and the Crimson Guard during the First Campaigns
Cloud Forest: Home of the Moranth, situated on the north-west coast of Genabackis
Darujhistan: Legendary city on Genabackis, largest and most influential of the Free Cities, situated on the south shore of Lake Azur and peopled mainly by Daru and Gadrobi populations; the only known city to use natural gas as an energy source
Dhavran: A city west of Darujhistan
Free Cities: Mercantile alliance of city-states in northern Genabackis, all but one of which has since been conquered by the Malazan Empire
Gadrobi Hills: Hill range east of Darujhistan, sparsely inhabited at present although once the homeland of the Gadrobi people
Garalt: A Genabackan Free City
Genabaris: Large Malazan-held city on north-west coast of Genabackis and principal debarkation point during the campaigns
Gerrom: A small rural town in Itko Kan
Greydog: A Genabackan city
Itko Kan: Province on the continent of Quon Tali, within the Malazan Empire
Kan: The Capital of Itko Kan
Laederon Plateau: Northern tundra of Genabackis
Lest: City-state to the east of Darujhistan
Malaz City: Island city and home of the founding Emporer of the Malazan Empire
Malazan Empire: An empire originating on Malaz Island off the coast of the Quon Tali continent. The original founder was the Emperor Kellanved and his cohort Dancer, both of whom were assassinated by Laseen, the present Empress. The Empire spans Quon Tali, the sub-continent of Falar, Seven Cities, and the coasts of north Genabackis. Additional forays include the continents of Stratem and Korel
Meningalle Ocean: Genabackan name for Seeker’s Deep
Mock’s Hold: A Keep overlooking Malaz City where the Emperor and Dancer were assassinated
Moon’s Spawn: A floating mountain of black basalt inside which is a city, home of the Son of Darkness and the Tiste Andii
Moranth Mountains: The mountain range encircling Cloud Forest
Mott: A Genabackan city
Mouse Quarter: An ill-fated district in Malaz City
Nathilog: Malazan-held city in north-west Genabackis
Nisst: A Genabackan Free City
One Eye Cat: A Genabackan Free City
Pale: Free City on Genabackis, ruled by the Pannion Seer
Porule: A Genabackan Free City
Quon Tali: Home continent of the Malazan Empire
Rhivi Plain: Central plain, north Genabackis
Seeker’s Deep: Malazan name for Meningalle Ocean
Setta: City on eastern coast of Genabackis
Tahlyn Mountains: Mountain range on north side of Lake Azur
Tulips: A Genabackan Free City
Unta: Capital of the Malazan Empire, on Quon Tali

Darujhistan and environs

Despot’s Barbican: an ancient edifice and remnant of the Age of Tyrants
Hinter’s Tower: an abandoned sorceror’s tower in the Noble Ditrict
Jammit’s Worry: the east road
K’rul’s Belfry/Temple: an abandoned temple in the Noble District
Phoenix Inn: a popular haunt in the Daru District
Quip’s Bar: a ramshacke bar in the Lakefront District
The Estates (the Houses)
The Old Palace (Majesty Hall): present site of the Council
Worrytown: the slum outside the wall on Jammit’s Worry

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