New Shannara Map of the Four Lands

Cartographer Russ Charpentier first drew a map for Terry Brooks’ ‘The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Ilse Witch’ back in 2000, and has been dutifully creating maps for the world of Shannara ever since, including artwork on the Castaway’s Map that began the narrative in Voyage, as well as maps of Parkasia, the Forbidding and Landover. In celebration of the 35th publication anniversary of ‘The Sword of Shannara’ Charpentier has released a new map that will be on sale in three different versions and will be used in the upcoming book, ‘Wards of Faerie’.

Shannara Map of the Four Lands.

Head on over to Terry Brooks’ website for more info, including your chance to own your own map of the Four Lands.

The Four Lands is the fictional world where Terry Brooks’ Shannara series is set. Each land, named after the compass point it faces, is home to a certain race of people.


The Northland is the home of the Troll race and many Gnome tribes. The Northland features much rocky terrain and mountains, along with swamplands and deserts. At one time, the most important area in the Northland was the Skull Kingdom, at the heart of which was Skull Mountain; the base of operations for the Warlock Lord. After his defeat at the hands of Shea Ohmsford, the Skull Kingdom fell into ruin and decay.


The Southland is inhabited mostly by the Race of Man. It was largely divided with the largest country being the Borderland of Callahorn until the Federation took over the Southland after the passing of the Druids. The largest city of Callahorn is the Border City of Tyrsis. Other cities include Varfleet, Leah and Kern. But these cities pale in comparison to the cities of the deep Southland, that formed the core of the Federation, cities such as Arishaig (the Federation capital) Wayford, Sterne, Dechtera, Pia, and Zolomach, all of which are sprawling industrialized cities. It also contains the village of Shady Vale, where Shea and Flick Ohmsford were raised. The Southland is separated from the Northland by the mountain range known as the Dragon’s Teeth. It reaches as far as Lower Anar and Wolfsktaag Mountains in the east and Irrybis Mountains in the West. The southern border is unknown.


The Eastland is the home of the Dwarven and Gnome races. Dwarves and Gnomes are bitter enemies, constantly fighting over territory. The Eastland was also home to Heaven’s Well, the tower where the Ildatch was contained.


The Westland is home to the Elven race. The Elves are mostly concentrated in the northern regions of the Westland, where their capital of Arborlon is situated. The town of Grimpen Ward, a haven for those who wish to flee their old lives with no questions asked, lies in the south of the Westland, in the Wilderun region that was also home to the Witch Sisters, Morag and Mallenroh.

Source: The Shannara Chronicles Wikia

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  1. It would be nice if the maps actually made sense in terms of where places were. It is if he had not actually worked out where places should be using references from the book. How long it took to get from one place to another etc, how big were the gaps in the mountains or where the rivers went. Disappointing.

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