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To celebrate the release of The Violent Fae, the closing chapter of the Ordshaw series’ The Sunken City Trilogy, Phil Williams is sharing twelve short stories from the city of Ordshaw. The Ordshaw Vignettes are tiny insights into life in the UK’s worst-behaved city, each presenting a self-contained mystery.

You can read today’s story below. For the full collection, visit all the wonderful blogs in the tour.

About Ordshaw and The Violent Fae

The Ordshaw series are urban fantasy thrillers set in a modern UK city with more than a few terrible secrets. The Violent Fae completes a story that began with Under Ordshaw and its sequel Blue Angel – following poker player Pax Kuranes’ journey into the Ordshaw underworld. Over the space of one week, Pax unravels mysteries that warp reality and threaten the entire city.

The Violent Fae will be available from Amazon on Kindle and in paperback from November 5th 2019.

The Gang

James, Miles and Ray raced a straight mile if it was a metre, no cars, no one in the old factory buildings. James finished first, Miles just behind and Ray last, out of breath. They skidded their bikes in half-circles, churning dust.

“Again?” Miles asked.

The full length of Manland Road stretched back between huge buildings and tall walls. Longer than you could see to the end of, with no one to tell them to put on their helmets or slow down. Ray’s mum would kill them if she knew.

“No fair, I got grit in my eye,” Ray panted, hunched over his handlebars.

“James, again?” Miles repeated. James was looking the other way.

They all looked, and they were all dead quiet.

They’d gone faster and further than ever before – right to the end, where Manland hit a narrow street with a burnt brick wall creating a barrier the other side. They were supposed to stop at the Give Way sign, to be safe. Their parents forbid riding on Manland Road, or anywhere in the warehouse district, but everyone knew this was where it really got dangerous.

On the far curb sat a broken bit of machinery. Miles asked, “Is that a fridge?”

“An engine?”

“Cooker,” Ray decided.

“Let’s look,” James said.

“James,” Miles warned. They all stared at the appliance. It had wires and pipes and stuff twisting out of one side and a bent, half-open panel on the other.

“Dare you to run up and touch it,” James said.

“Nuh-uh,” Miles said. “I dare you.”

“I heard a guy stepped off Manland Road,” Ray said, “and a spike went right through his shoe. He got a disease and died two weeks later.”

“I heard bank robbers drove through to get away from the police, and their tyres burst, and the car crashed. No one survived.”

“No way,” James said. “But I heard a drunk accidentally walked this way and no one ever saw him again.”

“Animals,” Ray said. “From here to Kilbert Avenue, people see dead animals. Pinned to telegraph posts, lying in the gutter.”

They all knew all the stories; last time it was James who believed in bank robbers. But standing there, the street ahead looked almost normal. James said, “Bet we could run and touch it. Last one back has to kiss Miles’ mum.”

They all laughed, eww, and then the bikes were on the ground and they were shoulder to shoulder, itching to go. Each put one foot forward, toeing the line where Manland Road met No Man’s Land. Each put an arm out, testing the air. Grins hid their fear.

“Ready? Three –”

“– two –”

“– one go!”

Ray plunged clumsily ahead with the final count. Miles and James pushed each other, quickly overtaking him. Heads down, laughter turning to shrieks. Eyes ahead – no looking aside or you’d see what was coming – the killer evil who owned this territory! They hit the metal box – one, two, three palms slapping it and a scrape of shoe on gravel, turning back, screaming – the evil surrounding them, about to snatch them!

James crossed the line first, head forward and arms back, squealing over the finish line. Miles was right behind him, shouting he almost had it. And Ray blundered up beside them, out of breath again, face red and relieved.

James, Miles and Ray looked back at the appliance they’d triumphed over and laughed at it – take that,No Man’s Land. Their joy slowly wound down and they relaxed, mission complete. They turned away, dinner well-earned today.

“The bikes!” Ray gasped.

They all looked, and they were all dead quiet. They’d only been gone a second. Only ran across a road and touched that old appliance. What happened? Broken glass? Someone watching?

It was a mile if it was a metre, back down Manland Road.

And all their tyres were slashed.


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