Cover reveal: ‘Flesh Eater’ by Travis Riddle

We at FantasyBookReview are honored to reveal the cover of Travis Riddle’s upcoming release, Flesh Eater, the first book of the Houndstooth series! We have both the eBook cover as well as the full paperback wraparound version. Read the blurb, then feast your eyes below.

Branded as a Flesh Eater, Coal is on the run from Palace Stingers: soldiers tasked with tracking down those who have consumed flesh and locking them away in specialized prisons.

After a year of avoiding capture and struggling to scrape by working odd jobs for a local crime lord, Coal is growing desperate. He learns of someone in the city’s underbelly who can erase his record, but her services don’t come cheap.

Seeing no other option, he enters a spiderback race with a grand prize valuable enough to pay for his fresh start. But he’s not the only one after the prize, and Coal is about to find out exactly how far he’s willing to go to win.

Cover Design by Deranged Doctor Design (
Cover Design by Deranged Doctor Design (

Flesh Eater will be unleashed upon the masses on October 27th. Preorder it here!

TRAVIS M. RIDDLE is a fantasy author best known for his books Spit and Song (SPFBO 2020 Semi-Finalist) and The Narrows, the latter of which received a positive review in Publishers Weekly. He currently lives in Austin, TX, where he largely spends his time eating food, playing games, and watching stuff.

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