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Welcome to the Fantasy Book Review about us and contact details page. Here you will find the best way to get in touch with us and a little information on the site’s foundation and ethics.

Submission details

Last update: September 03, 2014

We are currently experiencing an extremely high volume of submissions and we are struggling to review 1 in 50. We have never be able to keep up with the demand for reviews but we do try extremely hard to cover as many titles as possible, and not just from the major publishers but also from the independently and self-published.

So please feel free to email a book’s details through to contact@fantasybookreview.co.uk and your email will be visible to the site’s reviewers. Hopefully it will appeal and we will be back in touch for a review copy. We can guarantee that every email will be read but unfortunately we are not able to reply to every submission, so please don’t think us rude if you do not receive an email back.

Can you please include the following information in all emails:

Book name:
Book author:
Review copy formats available (Paperback, ebook, PDF etc…):
Target audience (Adult, young-adult, child):
Web link for further information:

The Scratch My Back Scheme

On two occasions we trialled a scheme whereby authors anonymously read and reviewed each others’ work. While this led to excellent reviews and allowed us to cover more titles the amount of work involved in organisation, the difficulties that arose from negative reviews, and the failure of a small number to fulfil their obligations left us with no alternative but to put a stop to the scheme. There is little likelihood of the scheme being run again in the future.

Contacting Fantasy Book Review

Enquiries: If you have any enquiries please email contact@fantasybookreview.co.uk


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