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Listed below are the latest featured reader reviews on the site. Some are positive in praise, some are negative in criticism, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are well written and explain their reasoning. We can never have enough reader reviews as they add to the quality of the site, making it ever more useful for visitors.

Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb

10 stars

Robin Hobb is an incredible author! I just flew through her farseer trilogy and then onto fitz and the fool trilogy. Her books are the type of you can’t put down because you need to know what happens and you don’t want the books to end because you feel the intense need to be with the characters you meet in her books. Her wolf building and detail of what the characters experience is a really treat. I can’t believe it took me so long to hear about these books! I’m in my mid forties and just discovered them! Robbin Hobb is truly one of the great authors in fantasy writing. These trilogies go down in my top fantasy books of all times!

United States

The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

9 stars

One of the greatest trilogies of all time and certainly the measuring stick to which all subsequent fantasy-style writing is compared, The Lord of the Rings trilogy still stands at the top of the stack. Its realism, the characters and monsters, the storyline, the epic battles, and the quest motif are all drawn with incredible care by Tolkien in his chef-d'oeuvre. My favorite was The The Two Towers but all three are stunning. This edition, despite the awful cover art, contains all three books and the original appendices from The Return of the King. The one issue I have with this one is that the map of Middle Earth that should open The Two Towers is back in the appendices and relatively hard to find. It is also a rather large book and thus unwieldy for public transport commuting.


The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

9 stars

When I first began reading the novel, I winced because it lacked the potency and richness of characterization that is so necessary in epic fantasy fiction. However, Sanderson makes up for it in sheer breadth. The world he creates in the reader's mind is vast, and it is made to seems so real because Sanderson connects all of the dots whenever he can. He takes certain opportunities throughout the book to explain something about the world of Roshar to the reader. It is done in ways that I haven't ever seen before. Since I only read a few of Sanderson's novels before, I was impressed by his masterful and lithe writing style. He jumps from character to character in a single scene, offering different perspectives like an action movie, and hold the reader every second. There are some parts that I am tempted to skip, like extended conversations about philosophy between two scholars that only serve as a transition into a more important plot point. There are timeless and valuable themes and morals in this book, which is perhaps is most daring undertaking. It strives to wrestle with large ideas that are not apparent at first, and more so than any other fantasy fiction I've read. The ironic characters, the color of one's eyes, the safehand, and political tension all combine to serve a complex narrative about contemporary society in a way that even outranks the Potter series and LOTR.


A Dance of Cloaks by David Dalglish

8 stars

A Dance of Cloaks is-I’m my opinion-a fantastic whirlwind of adventure, emotions, and character progression. While it has its faults, it quickly makes up for it with its high-octane action that keeps you invested and eager for more. Dalglish paints a both beautiful and haunting picture of the city of Valderen by contrasting the view between characters of different walks of life. Where one character may see the beauty and goodness in the people of the city, another will reveal the scum hiding just under the surface. All in all, A Dance of Cloaks is a fantastic read, and a powerful starting point for a high fantasy book series like Shadow Dance.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by JK Rowling

9 stars

Harry’s perfectly normal life at number 4 privet drive becomes extraordinary when he finds out that he is a wizard and Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry will teach him all he needs to know.Ignoring his aunt’s and uncle’s(Mr. and Mrs.Dursley) screams of protests Harry ventures into the wizarding world. But even in The wizarding world bad things happen like, the evil wizard ,Voldemort who killed who many innocent people( including Harry’s parents ) coming back to life.Even though Harry escaped from Voldemort once, Harry is not certain he can do it again.Join Harry Potter and his newly found friends Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger to save the wizarding World.Can they do it? Find out in Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone . This book is great for all ages.The author J.K Rowling created a world full of adventure,fun and mystical places and creatures.This is only the first book from a set of seven.People all around the world would love this series.This book is one of the greatest books I have ever read.

Nicole Fernando
Sri Lanka

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke

10 stars

Beautiful in all its magnitude; such genius from the first word to the last, which sheds the most unique imagination over its pages like magic growing, twisting forth from the page in words and sentences that captivate and intrigue any soul that loses them selves in its pages.

Nathan Davis
United States

Ruin by John Gwynne

8 stars

As was the case in the past two books, the narrative is compelling and packed with both twists and turns and interesting characters that have kept me drawn into the tale. However, I do have one major complaint that also aligns with the past two books in this series; poor editing ruins immersion. Not only are there misspellings, overlooked punctuation errors and needlessly-long run-on sentences, but I've just read a section of the book where the name of the character speaking was incorrect. Instead, the name of a character who was nowhere near the scene was input. It's errors like these that prevent me from giving the book - and the series as a whole - a 10/10 rating. Gwynne is a brilliant writer with the ability to create something wonderful, but the book's polish is suffering as a result of poor editing.

United States

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

6 stars

This book needs a more elaborate review. I personally felt the book was a drag because it started off slow and picked up pace only towards the end. Much of this book deals with the young protagonist coping with the loss of his grandfather which I found, frankly, very boring. One of my friends, however, who recently lost his grandfather could really connect to the story. This shows me how much deeper a review should go before putting a number on a book. Yes, for me, it was a 6/10. But if you want to know more and make a better choice for yourself, you should definitely check out my friend's review of the book here - https://www.booksnbutterflies.com/post/miss-peregrine-s-home-for-peculiar-children I am not just posting it for publicity but because this is an actually good review that I can vouch for having read the book beforehand.

Sagnik Modak

Nation by Terry Pratchett

10 stars

I love this book! I think I've read it about five times. It's so moving but it's also not too heavy. Terry Pratchett manages to make even serious issues really funny. The characters are very well rounded and their flaws make them seem real. I think the best thing is watching how the characters change throughout the book. I'd recommend this to anyone.


Taliesin by Stephen Lawhead

10 stars

This is one of my favorite books of all time. Carefully and eloquently written, reflecting history and giving a great new feel to the already amazing story of the Island of the Mighty.


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