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Listed below are the latest featured reader reviews on the site. Some are positive in praise, some are negative in criticism, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are well written and explain their reasoning. We can never have enough reader reviews as they add to the quality of the site, making it ever more useful for visitors.

Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky

5 stars

It’s a great premise – essentially, Metro 2033 is a modern-day Gulliver’s Travels in which Glukhovsky comments on the socio-political landscape of Russia. The metro has Nazis, radical Christians, Communists and more – none of whom are spared sharp examination.

Bryan Conforto

The Death of Grass by John Christopher

1 stars

This is a deeply unpleasant book which seems to glorify brutality. It calls into question whether the author had psychopathic tendencies which he sublimated by writing ( very badly incidentally ) the horrid little tome. Quite how it has achieved classic status - except as an example of how not to write books in this genre - is beyond belief. Avoid at all costs - reading it leaves on feeling dirty.


The Shadow of the Torturer by Gene Wolf

10 stars

It goes so much deeper than the review even implies. I read this book once and enjoyed the atmosphere a lot but thought the characters were flat and the plot was random nonsense that was impossible to get into. I'm finally reading it a second time, six years later, with a lot more difficult books under my belt, with the intent to push through the entire series with a friend. Let me just put it this way--Severian would LOVE for people to think he got expelled from his guild against his will for showing compassion to a prisoner. It's a fantastic story, that paints him in a good light. That doesn't necessarily mean that's actually what happened...

United States

Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson

9 stars

The only reason this isn't a ten is because it's not the best book in the series. Not sure about other reviews complaining about character development as I love so many characters from this series. Maybe not as strong as A Song of Ice and Fire in that sense but the story is better. The scope blows it out of the water and there're far more characters in these books. The Chain of Dogs will live on in future instalments. If you enjoy this then Memories of Ice will blow you away.

United Kingdom

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

8 stars

In this book we get to know that it is only under uncomfortable situations we develop to become the best. As our protagonist, the hobbit Bilbo Baggins finds himself in an unexpected adventure, we see his growth as he makes his way out of many tough situations thrown at him with his intellect and courage, which he thought didn't have in him. The book has many great characters, especially Gandalf and Gollum and many others, a lot of funny situations and a great story, the best u can get out of this genre. So overall a great book and a must read.


The Enchantment Emporium by Tanya Huff

10 stars

Loved the book. While there have been many entries into the genre, this one did a really good job of not compromising either the fantastic elements, or the background realism of the story. It was ancient myth in modern setting with absolutely no apologies or wasted energies on trying to downplay the fantastic. Also, I will never look at pie quite the same. Their magic was the magic of our mythology, and such a natural outgrowth of the world as she wove it that it didn't seem fantastic at all, so much as inevitable. Great story, characters of depth and development. Family that lets you know that even magic can't get you out of family issues.


Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

10 stars

This is an amazing emotional roller coaster. Michael is washed out to an island where he is stranded alone or he thinks so... But soon he discovers Kensuke. I love this book. It has a very heart warming end not leaving you agitated but relaxed. :)

Maja Szul

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

10 stars

This is one of my favorite books of all time. I have read it several times, and it never gets old! A classic, must-read for all ages. Even younger kids can enjoy it when it is read aloud to them! The story is captivating and set the foundation for many other amazing stories, and the character development is superior. Tolkien is one of the greatest word smiths of all time. Most of the people who gave it one star are in middle school reading it because they have to. But I am in sixth grade and can enjoy this book outside of school! I know from experience that over analyzing a book at school can kind of ruin it for you, so I would recommend reading it outside of school so you can appreciate it and read at your own pace and not have to do work on it. In short, this book is a masterpiece.


The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

10 stars

It's hard to describe just how magical my first reading of The Lord of the Rings was. I was 'in the book' from the very first page & have rarely - if ever since - been so immersed. I didn't just want to read about Hobbiton, I wanted to live there. It is a truly beautiful story which is imbued with a love for language and nature, a story of heroism in the face of terrifying odds. The characters: Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Gollum & others have stayed with me for the twenty-five years since. Whenever I take a walk through a particularly pleasant part of England I am reminded of this book. Every fantasy fan should read this book, it really does deserve all the praise it receives.


Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

10 stars

Michael Chricton within himself is a great artist.the way he presented the storyline is marvelous. the vocab used in his writtings kinda on a very different level. the characters too r so very well written .this book gifts u the feeling of adventure.one of the best book I have read.#mcrocks

Janhavi Ghate

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