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Listed below are the latest featured reader reviews on the site. Some are positive in praise, some are negative in criticism, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are well written and explain their reasoning. We can never have enough reader reviews as they add to the quality of the site, making it ever more useful for visitors.

It by Stephen King

8 stars

This book is difficult to categorize in which age target is appropiate beacuse if you put for kids of 11 or 12 year old (as the main characthers of this book) the scences of the present part (in which the Loser's Club members are adults) have scences of sex and other things ,that the ones who read the book knows. But I think that teenagers and also kids (obviusly of 12 and 13 year old) should read this book because the lessons that they can carry carry off of this book and how the book results inspirational. The book have some errors as many of Stephen King books. For example: I feel that the reason of the members from Loser's Club to confront Pennywise are clonic, except Bill, who haved the most pragmatic reason to confront the clown, and the others feel like weak (but they compensate this with their tridimensionalitie and how realistic they are). Other error is that it feels kinf of convenient that Bill's father had knowledge of Derry's sewers and it feels much more convenient that he has not even asked his son what he would like to know. But the book in my opinion is an 8.5/10. Im not agree with the people who says that the book is bad because it has a slow narrative. I think that histories like these should have that hind of narrative because that help to develop the plot better and also have more time to introduce the characthers and know them. Pd: If some person notice a ortographic fault in my review, have mercy of mercy of me and im trying to learn english ;)


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

10 stars

I read this book as an 8 year old child, in 1962 and struggled with the tiny print and no pictures but I battled on and loved it. It's a story I have never grown tired of. I loved Dickens' beautiful, descriptive text and remember being a bit scared but too fascinated to stop reading. It's a wonderful story and I'm sure it helped me appreciate Dickens from a very young age.

United Kingdom

It by Stephen King

10 stars

Sensational. I think you'll find those who say it holds too much unnecessary information and detail are the same type of people who expect instant gratification in life and hold little to no imagination of their own. This book is art. This book delves into childhood and brings up image's of a past we all had, one filled with wonder, fantasy and terrors of things unseen. Only here, the terror is real. Stephen King introduces us to a world where the main characters are are so fleshed out, you develop an attachment to each one as though you are part of their group and with all of them for every step. The ending left me quiet and feeling slightly less, as though I had just said goodbye to good friends. It reminded me of those times I visited my own childhood home and despite wishing to stay had to leave once again. The sex between the group. I think it's says more about those who are revolted than it says anything about King. It's sexuality for me, was non existant. This was a bonding amongst seven young people that surpassed the norm. An expression of true love between the group who had been brought together, who were meant to all together. And it also made the ending, the forgetting, even more sad. Depsite the horrors inside this story, it's a world I wish was real. Such is the ability of Stephen King, one of the greatest novelists who will continue to live through the ages long after we're gone.


Magician's End by Raymond E Feist

5 stars

Im so sorry Fiest but you just didn't get that one right, it had so much potential for an epic scale story and just didnt hit the mark. The journey through the universe was lacking real substance or purpose and didnt really tie in to the end, the two different sagas, the magicians and the brothers were too unconnected. I was expecting a massive joining of all the forces of midkemia, the kingdom, kesh, the elves all groups, the dwarves, everyone coming together to stop a massive demon incursion and in the last moment when all seems lost in come the angels to save the day. Oh well seriously let down, total fan of the series overall though.


Dune by Frank Herbert

10 stars

I read Dune as a recommendation from a friend. At first I found it slow, but in the end, it turned out to be an epic plot incomparable to any other I have ever read. I am a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi books, and despite that, no other book I have ever read come close to being as good as Dune. I would recommend this book to literally anyone.


Heartless by Marissa Meyer

9 stars

I LOVE this book. This book made me travel through a world that I thought I would never like. I had read Meyer's Lunar Chronicles and when I picked up Heartless I didn't know if Meyer would write the same way as she did in the Lunar Chronicles. Oh boy, she surely did. She made me fall deep on love with Catherine. I fell in love with Jest. With the whole world. I felt as if I were Catherine. I gave Heartless a 9 out of 10 because when I finished it, I was completely heartbroken. I was so sad for Cath, and I wanted that happy ending. I think what Meyer did with the end of the book is great, but I'm obviously still going to be sad about it. I fell in love with everything about this book, and I'm still hearbroken about the ending. But in my mind, they both lived a happily ever after. And the ending explained so much about the Queen of Hearts. Yes, Meyer may not have gone with Lewis Carroll's original idea of Alice in Wonderland, but it made me think of that something like this could've happened to the Queen of Hearts in Lewos Carroll's version. All in all, this book was so good I couldn't stop reading it. I'm in love with this book.

United States

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

6 stars

I agree with the other reviewers about the originality of the setting and of the magic system. It is a refreshing change, and I also enjoyed the politics - not as intricate, by far, as Game of Thrones, but it definitely adds a dimension to the book. However, I also agree with those reviewers who find the writing and pacing rather ponderous: the book is carried by the plot, not the characters, who are two dimensional even when they are ostensibly complex and self-contradictory: these self-contradicvtions do not seem to lead to much introspection or to any particular twists (though the book *does* have twists, and the ending is very good). Rather, this introspection leads to pages of space filling text whiih adds little to the characters or to the plot. The fights are OK, but a bit repetitive once one has figured out how the allomantic powers work. So, I enjoyed the Final Empire - I needed a good (quick) read -, but am not getting into book 2 (Well of Ascension), probably because I now simply need a good read. I am sure, however, that I'll eventually get round to reading the whole series, as and when I need a little brain candy. To sum up: a good plot-driven read, average writing, highly original setting and magic system, but not a major classic (at least from where I sit!).


The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

4 stars

Let me start off by saying this book has fantastic writing and really does a good job of creating a world in which these characters live in. Rothfuss is fantastic at setting a scene and writing is really his strong point. The reason I have to give this book such a low rating is because I 1. Cant relate or get into the main character. 2, DENNA DENNA DENNA and 3. This opens too many questions that simply dont get answered as well as has no real main plot to the story. Let me elaborate. 1. Kvothe is just simply too good at everything. He has hardships sure, but he is too smart, too handsome, too quick witted and just too dam powerful. Not to mention he is only 15. This makes it hard to connect with the main character and makes it hard to believe what he is doing as well as he isn't at any risk throughout the story. Sure, he has hard times but he defeats well pretty much anything. 2. Denna and the other females in this story just bug me. I understand this is a story told through Kvothes eyes but why is every female in this world all beautiful and perfect? Also his relationship with Denna is just creepy and fake. Why doesnt he just ask her out..or better yet get with Feyla? 3. The major part of this story that I dont like is that its too vague with everything and asks so many questions that never get answered. It just seems like poor writing. This is not a bad book by any means, its just a bad story.


Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

6 stars

I really enjoyed the first 2 books in the Stormlight Archive but was really disappointed with Oathbringer. I agree with the reviewer that there were too many side stories and the plot was pulled in way too many diections. I’m also not a fan of super detailed descriptions of mythical planet and references to stuff that has nothing to do with story or characters. Overall I found myself shaking my head throughout the book trying to get to relevant story points.


The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

10 stars

I just want to tell that these 2 books of the trilogy are just amazing. First few hours I wasn't interested too much (part where Kvothe didn't even start a story, just the inn and so on). But when the real story started, man, I didn't expect so much. In a nutshell, now I'm a fan of the trilogy and waiting for the 3rd book. Also, what I want to emphasize is that this story has many aspects: magic, romantic, traveling, interesting conversation, humor and just our everyday sorrows and joys. 10 out of 10, good job, Patrick.


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