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Lost and Found: Case One by Nita Round ( The Evie Chester Files)

Evie Chester is a "Gifted", an individual possessing unique powers who are equally feared and revered dealing with a mixture of score and awe in the setting of Round's book. Evie's power is that she can absorb illness from a person, which in turn requires her to purge the illness from her own body.Evie is the slave of a ...


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Bacchanal by Veronica G Henry

Henry crafts a rich blend of historical fiction and dark fantasy. Bacchanal is a strong debut novel, providing the reader with excellent magical realism.In 1930s America, the Bacchanal travelling carnival stops at Eliza Meeks’ town. Eliza, a young black woman estranged from her family, is scouted by workers from the carnival due to ...


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The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

Winner of the 2019 Booker PrizeMargaret Atwood's long awaited sequel to The Handmaid's Tale does not disappoint, providing a moving and satisfying conclusion to the dark world of Gilead.The Handmaid's Tale, shows present day America as a dystopia, with conservative ideology taken to its extreme. Followi...


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Authority by Jeff Vandermeer (The Southern Reach Trilogy: Book 2)

The thrilling second volume of The Southern Reach Trilogy provides equal measure of terror and wonder as the mysteries of Area X unravel.The Southern Reach Trilogy takes place in and around Area X. Area X is a shimmering piece of land along a small coastline which has been occupied by an alien entity. The environment morphs with this pres...


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Blood Communion by Anne Rice (The Vampire Chronicles)

In 1976 Interview with the Vampire reshaped what vampire stories could be, blending historical fiction, horror and elements of erotica; allowing vampire fiction to move away from pulpy beasts, one dimensional killers to more complex and captivating characters. Rice's Vampire Chronicles popularised the concept of sympathetic, but not to be pi...


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Destiny Unlocked by Tara Weeks (The Auberon Witches)

Destiny Unlocked picks up hot on the heels of the first instalment in the Auberon Witches series with Addie, Cassie, and Selene passed out in some old ruins after being engulfed by mysterious, i.e. magical smoke. Addie gets separated when she wakes up and messes with an urn and finds herself pulled into a series of caverns. Meanwhile Cassie and ...


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Fallen Academy: Year Four by Leia Stone (Fallen Academy)

The final instalment in Stone's Fallen Academy series provides a satisfying conclusion for fans of YA and paranormal romance. Set in an alternative present day Los Angeles, which following an epic battle between demons and angels now houses the divide between heaven and hell. The combined supernatural power of this event has left all humans ...


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Cabal by Clive Barker

True to form, Clive Barker expertly blends gore with dark fantasy in Cabal. Cabal is a satisfying red for Clive Barker fans, it is an enchanting story written in his typical fashion. And for those less familiar with his style, there is the rich blend of Gothic and slasher technique.Boone is mentally unstable, but he’s getting help f...


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The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker

A simple, yet eloquent novella, which spawned one of Barker's best known creations: Pinhead and the world of Hellraiser.The story follows Frank, who longs for pleasure. Tired of the thrills that women and drugs have to offer, Frank turns to Lemmarchand's box; a simple looking wooden puzzle, which once solved summons the Cenob...


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