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James Bond Omnibus: Volume 2 by Ian Fleming

Adapted by Henry Gammidge and Jim Lawrence; Art by John McLusky and Yaroslav HorakThe daring James Bond is back in a definitive bumper edition collecting Ian Fleming’s earliest literary adventures in comic strip form! Seven of Bond’s most thrilling and dangerous missions appear in a single volume: On Her Majesty’s Secret...


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Stormslayer by Jonathan Green (Fighting Fantasy)

Fighting Fantasy was a series that found huge success in the 1980’s and has now returned with new editions of the original titles as well as some brand new tales, of which Stormslayer is one.Like the rest of the series, Stormslayer is both a novel and a role-playing game. The reader is given the freedom to make decisions on behalf o...


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Solomon Kane: Official Movie Novelisation by Ramsey Campbell

Solomon Kane is a pulp hero created by Robert E. Howard. Last year, the character appeared at the cinema and the film spawned it's own novel adaptation.It is difficult to read this book without wondering why it exists at all. This is a scene-by-scene translation of the film into book form and it seems to lack any real purpose when the...


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Human Target vol. 1: Chance Meetings by Peter Milligan

Christopher Chance is the Human Target. Chance has a unique approach to providing his clients with protection. Adopting their image, voice, lifestyle and mannerisms he is all at once a decoy, a bodyguard and a private investigator. Originally appearing in DC comics as a backup feature for flagship characters Superman and Batman, the Human Target...


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Northlanders, Book Three: Blood in the Snow by Brian Wood and Davide Gianfelice

The third volume of Brian Wood’s Viking book collects together four tales from the world of the Northlanders. Where previous volumes have compiled complete story arcs the latest book consists of four shorter snapshots of life in this savage world. Brian Wood’s writing is of a high standard throughout but as always with collected shor...


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