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Heart's Blood by Juliet Marillier

Unexpected Calm of Heart's Blood Weaves a Multi-faceted StoryIn Heart's Blood, Juliet Marillier offers a straightforward supernatural romance set in the Irish wild-world of Whistling Tor where Norman encroachment means chieftains have to depend on one another when the English king's leaders aren't...


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Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George

A quick opening gets us right into the first portion of the story. The aunt and uncle who have taken in Creelisel Carlbrun and her brother Hagen can’t afford the extra mouths and certainly can’t offer a dowry to marry off the plain and freckled young lass. Of course the most logical thing to do is offer Creel up to a nearby dragon. A...


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Dragon in Chains by Daniel Fox

I was disappointed in the novel Dragon in Chains. In this story, the mother and generals of the young emperor have forced him to flee his palace and he crosses the waters to the island of Taishu. While crossing, he purchases a fisherman's granddaughter, Mei Feng, to be his concubine (and she's not upset by that). Concurrently, a...


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The Well of Shades by Juliet Marillier (Bridei Chronicles)

Book III of the Bridei Chronicles from Juliet Marillier begins with the trusted bodyguard/assassin of White Hill—Faolan—already well on his journey into the land of the Gaels to reconcile with the family he fled more than a decade before, to carry a dead friend's final words to the next of kin, and to spy on the Christian leaders...


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Blade of Fortriu by Juliet Marillier (Bridei Chronicles)

The kingdom of Fortriu has enjoyed five years of peace since Bridei came to the throne. Now the king is preparing for the long-awaited war that he hopes will see the Gaelic invaders driven from the west forever. The princess Ana, a hostage of Fortriu since childhood, is sent north to make a strategic marriage with a chieftain she has never m...


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The Dark Mirror by Juliet Marillier (Bridei Chronicles)

When Bridei arrives at Pitnochie as a four-year-old, Juliet Marillier lets the reader see the unsure thoughts of the druid Broichan who will mentor and educate him. We get to wonder if this little child will be able to handle all that Broichan has planned for him. The mystery piles on from there.Marillier reveals little pieces of the puzz...


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