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Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc (The Immortal Vagabond Healer)

I’ll come right out and say that Patrick LeClerc’s urban fantasy Out of Nowhere was not a book I enjoyed. Although LeClerc is a skilled writer and there are a few aspects of the book I liked, there were several narrative decisions and character depictions that ranged from questionable to frustrating and offensive.The ...


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Grimdark Magazine #18 by Adrian Collins (Grimdark Magazine)

“Mara growled. ‘Life is not a fucking bard’s tale. Other people are not merely actors in your personal power fantasy.'” – Hatred for Heroes by Cameron JohnstonA free copy of Grimdark Magazine #18 was sent to me by Adrian at GDM in exchange for an honest review. The E...


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Sworn to the Night by Craig Schaefer (The Wisdom's Grave Trilogy)

First of all, to read this book and/or trilogy you don’t necessarily need to be familiar with Craig Schaefer’s other series, but it can give an extra perspective if you’ve read his Daniel Faust or Harmony Black books (characters from both will play a part in the events described in the Wisdom’s Grave trilogy), but especia...


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The Prince of Cats by Daniel E Olesen

When a few weeks back Daniel E. Olesen contacted me about his upcoming book, and we started to talk about it, I was instantly intrigued. A lowly thief as a protagonist and an Arabian setting? Bring it on! I didn't have the intention to read it so soon, because obligations, but damn that stuff, I needed a quick read to break up that tome I...


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Grimdark Magazine #17 by Adrian Collins (Grimdark Magazine)

The Seventeenth issue of Grimdark Magazine (GDM) features a nice selection of authors with stories or various articles. It features short stories from Devin Madson, Amanda J. Spedding and Brian Staveley, two interviews with Sebastian de Castell and Jen Williams, two book reviews about ...


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From the Shadows of the Owl Queen's Court by Benedict Patrick (Yarnsworld)

It's no secret, that Benedict Patrick had become one of my favorite authors with his Yarnsworld series. I was beyond excited when I got my hands on an early copy of From the Shadows Of The Owl Queen's Court and had pretty high expectations. Not that I needed to worry. Benedict Patrick is an exceptional story-teller and has created one of...


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Red Season Rising by D M Murray (Red Season)

After an assassination attempt, Kalfinar and his cousin, Broden head to Carta to advise of the news and seek out doctors along the way for Kalfinar's shoulder is injured. Little do they know what awaits them. One god is rising, the others are asleep and only a handful of people can save the country from the oncoming ...


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Aching God by Mike Shel (Iconoclasts)

Playing role-playing games is one of my fondest memories of childhood. Most of the details from those D&D campaigns have faded, but the feeling of anticipation, discovery, and camaraderie still lingers to this day. There was nothing better than getting together with a group of friends and adventuring into the unknown for countless hours...


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