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Rating 8.7/10
Is it a worthwhile conclusion to the series? Yes.

Review by Angela

This is the final part of 'The Tamuli' series. It is the last time David Eddings wrote about Sparhawk and friends. He has been quoted as saying “Aphrael would turn me into a toad if I tried another one. She doesn't want to be grown up.” The prologue is slightly different this time, and is set after the end of 'The Hidden City' with an educational lecture being given on the events of 'The Shining Ones'. It is more light hearted than the previous prologues, as familiar characters take part in it.

This novel follows Sparhawk and friends planning for their final battle with the god, Crygon in the hidden city of Cyrga. The story is taken up with one quest, and lots of battle planning. There's a lot of running about, and the maps become invaluable to have a clear view of the big picture. A new foe is introduced that seems to be more science fiction than fantasy orientated. They come from another planet! This does not detract as much as the casual reader would think; their presence just causes the regular cast to think outside of the box.

It is the gods, however, that stand out in this novel. The reader learns more about Aphrael, and gets to meet her relatives, including her very stupid cousin. The other god characters highlight the difference between the orders of the Church Knights. The troll gods are introduced as thinking individuals, and are the comedic high points of the novel with their unusual very moral way of looking at situations. They are also responsible for the most horribly described punishments in the Tamuli series; the very thought of them will make you wince.

Is it a worthwhile conclusion to the series? Yes, because a lot of questions are answered. The characters all find some kind of closure. Most importantly it is a good read.

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I'm sad to be at the end if this excellent adventure. I won't reiterate the same praise that's in my other reviews but I need to mention that Kevin Pariseau really excelled with some of the characters adding an extra dimension to an already excellent story. Sometimes Eddings generates excellent characters in a generic good / bad world, however by the end of this adventure the world is much more realised and not just the world but the universe as we touch on Science Fiction in parts. A must read but only after reading the previous 5 books!

8.9/10 from 2 reviews

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