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Rating 9.5/10
Excellent book, in fact I may just start reading it again!

Voldemort is and growing stronger as is his following and dangerous times are ahead for our hero and his friends. Dumbledore enlists Harry’s help, to convince his old friend and retired professor Horace Slughorn to return to his old teaching post at Hogwarts. He succeeds and Professor Slughorn begins the term at Hogwarts teaching potions, with Severus Snape now the Defence of Dark Arts teacher, the job he has so long hankered after. Harry is lent a potions book by Professor Slughorn, which Harry finds a number of notes from it's previous owner, which allow Harry to excel in a subject he has never been more than average at. The book is marked "Property of the Half-Blood Prince". Things do not appear to be as they should to Harry; he overhears Malfoy, who he sees entering a shop dealing in dark arts artefacts and then threatening the shop keeper about an item he wants repairing and another that needs to be kept safe. Snape also seems up to no good but Harry is frustrated at Dumbledore’s seemingly disinterest in Harry’s fears that they both maybe in league with the Death Eaters. As Voldemort gathers strength Dumbledore must prepare Harry for what is to come and looks to past to help find clues that may help them in the fight against the Dark Lord. Not only must Harry now conquer his fear but also his feelings for someone very close to him. The battle against Voldemort continues but can it be a happy ending?

This is my absolute favourite book of the entire series. It’s so dark in places, in fact quite creepy, but the flashbacks to the past in which we learn so much about Voldemort or should I say Tom Riddle are absolute absorbing. Everything seems to be at risk here and you just don’t know what will happen next, nothing and no one seems to be safe anymore. There is also a touch of romance, and not just for Harry, which helps to lighten things, but the tension in this book is palpable and it really isn’t one you can put down. It’s a hefty book but I managed it over a weekend and was left wanting more. There are so many plot lines in this one and the thumping pace does not let up from first page to last. As for new twists and turns and complete revelations, well there are more than you can shake a stick at. Excellent book, in fact I may just start reading it again!

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince reader reviews

from Kenya


This book. Is. Awesome. Thanks!

from India


It is by far my favourite book in the series! I just love this this book! Definitely worth the time and effort!

from India


It is an awesome book. I love Harry Potter!

from UK


This is a mind blowing book the way Dumbledore brings Harry into these memories.So complex I was reading for so long and the memories: really fascinating. People who don't like Harry Potter series are not in this world. Harry Potter rules.I am a Potter-fan forevermore !!!!!😘😁 Oh and the Horcruxes...

from Indua


I felt really bad and all lost when dumbledore and loathed severus to gr8 extent for avado kevadra the chapter cave was d best

from Earth


The first time I read this book I was a kid and I said to myself this writer is boring, then I had to read a book for a class assignment and I had no other book than this so I had to. After I finish reading I asked myself, why waited this long? It was one of the greatest book I ever read and knew that JK Rowling is the greatest writer in the world.

from India


I love you Harry James Potter!

from India



from India


Good. Made me emotional.Twists in between made me excited.

from United States


Such an awesome book! I could honestly read it over and over again! I love the series, but this book has to be my favorite!

from Austria


Wonderful book.


A good book, letting the reader know what the series is all about.

from Thereabouts


I am astounded that this book even made the top 10,000. It has to be the worst book (along with HPDH in the entire series). There is no plot to speak of in this book. It takes an entire year for Dumbledore to show HP 5 or so memories. Meanwhile, Harry doesn't seem to care at all that there is an evil dark lord after him. He neither studies more to learn how to defend himself, no does he even try very hard to fulfill the task that Dumbledore gave him. Truly, the HP series is not worth reading after book five.

from Nottingham


Easily Rowling's best book. The way that she uses such subtlety in her approach to revealing Voldemort's past is astounding.

from Leicester


This is JK Rowling's best book. The pace of the book is subtly slower and builds suspense gradually but to better effect. We are also allowed to peer into Voldemort's past, these are the bits I loved most. A thrilling book, the best in the Harry Potter series.

9.3/10 from 16 reviews

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