The Deverry Cycle by Katharine Kerr

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Rating 9.1/10
Epic fantasy that has been so much a part of my life and that I hold in such high regard.

Published over the past two and a half decades, I was surprised to find no mention on FBR of this epic fantasy saga that has been so much a part of my life and that I hold in such high regard. From the first novel (which I must have read more than 10 years ago) I was hooked and my enthusiasm for this series carried me through to the very last and then moved me to tears.

Have you ever sacrificed what might have been your soul mate to walk another path? Ever wished you could put that right? Imagine you swore that you would not rest until you had done just that… that is how Nevyn comes to be a seemingly immortal wizard. The world of Deverry is unfurled around him as he searches for each incarnation of his soul mate in the hopes of bringing her to the Dweomer.

This Celtic-influence fantasy in written a non-linear style and was started as a ‘short story’ project in 1982, when the floodgates opened. Kerr, who must now be in her late 60s, gave her die-hard fans quite a scare in the early 2000s when due to poor health her publishing rate suffered a considerable down turn. However, she recovered and has managed to tie off all the loose ends with the last two books in the cycle, The Shadow Isle and The Silver Mage, and no mean feat it was too. What is more, Kerr is still publishing (I found two new novels and ordered them today!) So let us pray for Katherine’s health and hope that there is more exciting novels to come…

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The Deverry Cycle

Act One: Deverry

  • Daggerspell
  • Darkspell
  • Dawnspell (The Bristling Wood)
  • Dragonspell (The Dragon Revenant)

Act Two: The Westlands

  • A Time of Exile
  • A Time of Omens
  • Days of Blood and Fire (A Time of War)
  • Days of Air and Darkness (A Time of Justice)

Act Three: The Dragon Mage

  • The Red Wyvern
  • The Black Raven
  • The Fire Dragon
  • The Gold Falcon
  • The Spirit Stone
  • The Shadow Isle
  • The Silver Mage

Act four: The Silver Wyrm

  • The Gold Falcon
  • The Spirit Stone
  • The Shadow Isle
  • The Silver Mage

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The Deverry Cycle reader reviews

from Canada


I couldn't put KK's first eight books down. I'm always surprised they are rarely mentioned in top fantasy series lists. Her system of magic is brilliant. Her Deverry is gritty and believable with a cast of characters that you can follow through their reincarnations over a violent 400 plus years. Highly recommend.

from Australia


I love these books so much that I've read them til they fell apart. I even named my daughter Dallandra after the strong powerful silver mage.

from USA


This series is, on average, very good for the first eight books, with the stories ranging from respectably good to superb. However, following the death of Jill, the stories lose momentum and seem to drag a bit. I was far more engaged by the arcs Deverry and the Westlands than by the subsequent arcs Dragon Mage and Silver Wyrm. Still, I have bought all of the books in this series, both in paperback and for my Kindle.

from Wales


Absolutely inspiring. I read them years ago and have lost the books due to child death, divorce and necessary moves. I would love to re-read them. SP

9.4/10 from 5 reviews

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