Silverthorn by Raymond E Feist

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Rating 8.0/10
Characters are many, varied and full of life.

This is the second volume in Raymond E. Feist’s trilogy The Riftwar Saga. Silverthorn begins a year after the events of Magician and Prince Arutha’s reign has been peaceful. Jimmy the Hand, a young thief, uncovers a plot to assassinate him and the young King now faces new challenges.

The first attempt on the King’s life is unsuccessful but another attempts ends with his bride, Anita, being struck by a poisoned arrow on their wedding day. The cure lies with the plant Silverthorn and this can only be found within Dark Elf capital of Sar Sargoth.

Arutha, with the aid of Jimmy the Hand must find the antidote and discover the truth behind the power that can raise the dead.

Silverthorn, being the sequel to Raymond E. Feist’s majestic Magician, had an extremely tough act to follow. It doesn’t manage it but the magnitude of the task is similar in stature to asking Professor Tolkien to write a sequel to the Lord of the Rings that was more impressive. This is not easily achieved.

The book takes quite a long time to get started but is worth the wait. Silverthorn centres on Arutha, the young King of Rillanon and Jimmy the Hand from the Guild of Mockers. There are excellent twists and turns throughout the story and the action is more intense than in Magician. This leads to a completely different “feel” than to that of its predecessor and perhaps this may be why few would regard this as an “epic”.

Silverthorn, as already mentioned, is a sequel but can be classed a stand-alone novel in it’s own right. There are familiar characters in the form of Pug, Tomas, Laurie, Carline and Marcos the Black but you need not have read Magician to follow the storyline here. The book begins with a discussion between Laurie and Carline as to the best time to get married!

This addition to the Riftwar Saga is an enjoyable read without, understandably, reaching the heights of its predecessor. The characters are many, varied and full of life and you will happily join them on the road to the Dark Elf capital but you will not be left breathless as you were with the original. All in all, a worthwhile read without pushing out any boundaries.

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Silverthorn reader reviews

from Newcastle


It's been over 10 years but I have finally got around to reading this again. This time around I understand the context of the book a lot better which allowed me to enjoy it a lot more. This is very much a book that is doing all the preparation work for A Darkness at Sethanon, while having a "Sleeping Beauty" story layered over the top. And I'm more than OK with that, because Feist has brought all of his characters into this book and made it work almost seamlessly.

from North Carolina


Simply put, it's a great book, and worth the price.

8/10 from 3 reviews

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