The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Rating 8.7/10
A fantastic book for sure that has me thanking the gods I bought the series.

Percy Jackson is just a normal twelve year old boy. Sure he's got problems with school, bullies, and authority but at that age who doesn't?  Getting kicked out of school after school does have a way of making one think he's a screw up though.  One day though on a seemingly innocent visit to the beach with his mother Percy's life changes forever.  Finding out his best friends is a satyr and being chased by the Minotaur into a camp for demigods is only the beginning of Percy Jackson's new life.  Here he makes friends with children of similar parentage and finally finds himself a place where he belongs.

Peace can only last for so long though once it is discovered which god has fathered Percy.  Monstrous attacks begin and Percy is sent on a quest to retrieve Zeus's stolen master bolt (the lightening bolt from which all other bolts are made) and return it before the summer solstice to stop an all out war between the gods.  Along the way is more adventure than one boy can handle danger at every turn, and new heights of treachery.

An absolutely fantastic tale marvelously woven by the author Rick Riordan.  As a book written for young adults I didn't expect it to be as fun and engaging for an actual adult as it was.  Move over Harry Potter because Percy Jackson could kick your butt.  Smart mouthed, practical and fun Percy doesn't go looking for trouble but he was born a hero, a combination of mortal and god parentage that he can not control.  In a world where hero's are sent on quests all the time and spent their lives training Percy is a rare breath of fresh air. 

I often fear reading young adult books because the main characters can be whiny and immature (as their audience) which can get on the nerves of any adult.  Amazingly Percy seems to be mostly free of self pity and angst while still staying young and believable.

A fantastic book for sure that has me thanking the gods I bought the series. Definitely worth the read!

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The Lightning Thief reader reviews

from India


Amazing mythology book.

from US



from United Arab Emirates


Great Book

from Northen Ireland


Fabulous. If it wasn't limited to ten stars I would give it 1,000,000!

from Indonesia


Absolutely awesome. Words cannot describe how fun and attention-grabbing this book is.I read the rest of the series right away!

from Canada


This was the best book I've ever read. A need to read for 12+. It is an awesome book. Great job Mr Riordan!

from London


Great book but could have been better.

from Hungary


Boring. It was sooooooo sooooooo boring. I had high expectations as everybody compared it to HP, its a beloved series, etc. So I thought it will make me fall in love with a new universe. Well - that did not happen at all. We can argue how it's a middle-schoolbook so it doesnt have to be that hard of a read or bloody, etc - but ive read a number of great middle grader books as an adult, that actually entertained me! With m basic knowledge of mythology, I guessed almost every happening, there were no actual plot twists, nothing that made me go "WOW, i never thought of this!". The fact that they are 12 year olds make this whole thing even more unimaginable, I mean they are fighting greek gods and harpies? Also - the fact that killing doesnt have any effect on him is just stupid. No matter what they kill, caring people get traumatised when they kill something, doesnt matter if its good or bad. Overall I just expected something way more charming and interesting. Instead I got the basic hero, the "funny" side character, and a knockoff Hermione, with a Ron-Hermione relationship between her and the MC. The Gods are awfully annoying, the world inst immersive, the story is basic.

from india


An ultimate book with lots of action and adventure. Far better than Harry Potter.

from India


This book has a way of transporting you into its setting, each word makes to starve for the next. Percy Jackson is a must read series to know each one is a hero. Hands off!!!!!

from USA


Best book I've ever read and I read it under two hours.

from Florida


I could not stop reading it. Finished in a day.

from Tamil Nadu, India


I like how the whole book is revolving around Greek Mythology and mystery twisted together. I loved reading it...

from Belgium



from England


I thought it was amazing. It is one of my favorite books in the series.

from Texas


It was terrible. I read only the first chapter and it was a waste of time.

from USA


The characters are realistic (as realistic as half-bloods can be!) and the action is non-stop. I have seen student after student get excited to read these books, and I always start my year with Lightning Thief. The humor and fast pace make it worth the read each year, and the kids can't get enough of Percy Jackson. I have had to restock the rest of the series several times because they just keep walking off!

from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


Definitely the best book you will ever read. I recommend it for all young adults everywhere.

from India


Awesome!!! A must-read book. When you read it you feel like you are one of the characters.

from Iowa


This was a great book but the mythology would confuse me at times...

from California


Very good book kept you reading all the way through:)

from Lubliana


It's a great book but 1st of a series of 5 and then comes a linked series of probably 2. There are lots more Rick Riordan books out there!

from London


This book is so cool. It was recommened to me by my friend Serkan. At first when I read it, I thought this book is boring, but when I got the book myself and read the first chapter, that's when I realised this is my type of book. It was full of action and adventure. It also taught me a lot about Greek gods. After reading the whole book in 3 weeks I really wanted to get the second book Sea of Monsters. I absolutely fell in love with it. I really thank my friend Serkan for recommending it to me, and really recommed all the children my age to try it.

from Oklahoma


Full of action a great read aloud and fun for Everyone! Thank you so much, my class loved it!

from Florida, USA


These books are amazing! Delve into a world where regular kids find out that they have a human (mortal) parents and... a god parent. Yep. Greek gods. They're real. And they're in New York. Percy Jackson goes to the summer camp, Camp Half-Blood. It's where all half-mortal, half-god kids go. It's a safe haven. Percy goes on a quest because all the Greek gods are looking at him for a crime he didn't commit. The theft of Zeus' all-powerful lightning bolt. This series is amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Perfect for anyone who is interested in Greek mythology!

9.1/10 from 26 reviews

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