Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Rating 7.5/10
A Shakespearean love story with monsters and myth.

After seeing and enjoying the movie Twilight, I had to get the book.  If I was less of a glutton for punishment I probably would have heeded the warning signs. Every teenage girl I knew of swooning over the book and the Romeo of the story, Edward Cullen. I even had a 24 year old friend update her status with something along the lines of “After Edward Cullen I can never again want a human male.”

Also, I know I can be obsessive and with the exception of a small few, once I read the first book in a series, I have to read the whole series whether I really want to or not. I don’t like unfinished stories. Did I really want to subject myself to at least 4 (which was the length of the saga when I bought Twilight and I hadn’t researched whether or not it would get longer) teen love books? I didn’t do much thinking when I spotted the book for £4, knowing how much I enjoyed the movie; I willingly handed over my money in order to be Bella and Edwards’s voyeur.

The book begins with Isabella “Bella” Swann moving from sunny Phoenix, Arizona to live with her dad, the local police Chief, Charlie Swann, in wet and dismal Forks, Washington. Almost immediately, it is obvious that Bella wishes she still had an option to live in Phoenix, which only increases when she meets Edward Cullen in class. Edward looks at and treats Bella as if she is something dark and sticky on the underside of his shoe, with a hostility Bella has never felt before.

“The class seemed to drag on longer than the others. Was it because the day was finally coming to a close, or because I was waiting for his tight fist to loosen? It never did; he continued to sit so still it looked like he wasn't breathing. What was wrong with him? Was this his normal behavior? I questioned my judgment on Jessica's bitterness at lunch today. Maybe she was not as resentful as I'd thought.
It couldn't have anything to do with me. He didn't know me from Eve.
I peeked up at him one more time, and regretted it. He was glaring down at me again, his black eyes full of revulsion. As I flinched away from him, shrinking against my chair, the phrase if looks could kill suddenly ran through my mind.”
An extract from Twilight

Edward continues to treat Bella this way until she is almost killed by a car in the school car park. One of her fellow students comes careening towards Bella after losing control of his car and is almost about to sandwich Bella between it and Bella’s 1950’s truck. In steps Edward Cullen from the other side of the school car park to stop the car from almost certainly killing the girl he has so openly disliked.

So begins Bella and Edwards forbidden romance, with revelations aplenty coming out about Edward until Jacob Black, the son of Chief Swann’s best friend, tells Bella about the ancient legends surrounding his tribe including those of “the cold ones.” Bella finds out about the true nature of the Cullen’s being vampires. A romance book which ends with a fantastic, high-octane finale, I’m sure most readers will find something they like about Stephenie Meyer’s first novel.

One of the influences that Meyer lists for her writing is Romeo and Juliet. This is clearly evident throughout the book as hardly anyone believes they should be together, Bella’s friends obviously don’t agree with it, and Rosie Cullen seems to hate Bella with the hate she believed Edward once had for her.

The book is full of romance, but is padded with enough action and vampirism to keep most fantasy readers from putting the book down. A kind of Harry Potter meets Shakespeare, the book is a fine read with plenty of talking points that I’d better leave out of the review for fear of ruining the twists and turns for would-be readers of the book.

Overall, I believe Twilight deserves a 7.5/10. A Shakespearean love story with monsters and myth.

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Twilight reader reviews

from Heaven


This is a really good book u should read it I m waiting for another series.

from New Jersey


I love this book

from USA


I love this book.

from India


Stephenie Meyer, India wants to read beyond Breaking Dawn part 2... we are crazy about the story... it's the single story which we think should never stop... plzzzzzzzz, we the readers want more series of Twilight... just break all the barriers of Twilight and go on writing about the mesmerizing love story of Bella and Edward... waitng for another series of Twilight...

from England


SERIOUSLY GOOD BOOK, it's got so much detail and is very romantic, but I love the way at every moment there relationship was hanging on an edge. I was always turning the page expecting to find out if their fragile relationship would survive but I never got an answer, all the haters have just got to stop being so rude, and I know everyone's entitled to there own opinion but at least try to say it nicely. People keep saying it gives young girls the wrong message, but as I young girl myself it honestly doesn't and I know that having a boyfriend isn't the most important thing, and so many adults think us young girls believe that the way Bella stays with Edward even though he could hurt her and is dangerous makes us believe that abuse is alright but it's nothing like that and we are not that stupid to think that it is ok. Plus Edward hardly abuses Bella and when he does hurt her he doesn't mean to and when he stops her going places it's only because he is so worried about losing her. Anyway,I loved the book and how it made me feel excited and anxious. So I recommend it to years 12 plus.

from India


I just love it .

from India


The worst ever. Please do not read it. It is not worth it. There is no meaning in these stupid books. No character flaws whatsover and everyone is too perfect. I call this bullshit.

from YA


This was an awful book. Stephanie Meyer borrowed from Wuthering Heights and Anne Rice's novels shamelessly. The adjective are over exuberant and cheesy. The love story is incredibly dull and the first few chapters were very boring and inactive. The characters were drawn out terribly and the idiots who buy into this crap need to start reading more books.

from Your Dreams


Well, according to the book, vampires sparkle, having a boyfriend is the most important thing in this world and, apparently, vampires can be vegetarians... All four books were a lame excuse for a novel. I haven't the slightest clue on why others can even say that they like it. The author basically ruined the reputation of vampires. The plot was predictable right from the start. I will strongly recommend anyone to save themselves the trouble of reading this.

from Reading


The books are reasonably well written given that they are for teenagers, New Moon was extremely whiny though. These are overall enjoyable books and I would recommend them to any teenager. I particularly enjoyed Breaking Dawn after Bella was turned as there is more humour and fun involved.

from Vancouver, BC


Aside all the hatred from mainstream novel enthusiasts, this book was terribly written, sends the wrong message to teenage girls about a perfect boyfriend or even sexual appeal between teenagers. The author should be ashamed making such a laughable addition to vampire fiction.

from Vancouver


At Britt from Georgia: Can you at least try reading ONE more book that's not by Stephenie Meyer.

from Georgia


THE best book.

6.7/10 from 14 reviews

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