Carnal Sin by Allison Brennan (The Seven Deadly Sins: Book 2)

7/10 A journey fuelled by desires and the unknown.

So is this Lust or is it Love

In the second instalment of the Seven Deadly Sins Carnal Sin by Allison Brennan takes us on another journey, but one that is fuelled by desires and the unknown fulfilment of those desires.

Moira must find her mother and put an end to the rise of the Seven Deadly Sins. But facing the Seven Deadly Sins is nothing compared to Moira facing her mother.

There is no love lost between Moira and Fiona, but there is a link that binds them together no matter where Moira goes.

Carnal Sin tests the boundaries of the human desire to be loved. When people start being marked by Lust herself, Moira and Rafe must find Lust and destroy her before she destroys the entire town of Santa Louisa.

There is only one place where Lust is welcomed, Los Angelus.

Lust is hungry to satisfy her desires and those who do not accept their faiths will learn what Lust is capable off.

Moira and Rafe take the journey of not only destroying the Seven Deadly Sins, but they must discover whether their own desires are fuelled by Lust or Love.

A breath-taking journey filled with battles of the supernatural and of the heart.

When love is the only thing keeping you alive, and the only fear at the same time, how do you decide if what you’re feeling is real?

Do you dare tempt the faith of Lust herself?

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Our interview with Allison Brennan

New York Times and USA Today bestseller Allison Brennan is the author of thirteen novels and three short stories. A former consultant in the California State Legislature, she lives in Northern California with her husband Dan [...]

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Allison Brennan's The Seven Deadly Sins series

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The Seven Deadly Sins: Book 1

Carnal Sin

The Seven Deadly Sins: Book 2

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