Andrew Steele

Andrew Steele has always been enthralled with the world beneath him; and in awe of our galaxy and the universe beyond. As he watches his daughter and sons grow up - and the brilliance in each of them - he often wonders, "What a great adventure it would be for them to explore the galaxy." So Andrew wrote his children a story, and thought it would be great to share the Galaxy Boys adventure with those who might also dream of what is really out there, awaiting those who accept the challenge to embark on a grand galactic adventure.

- Be sure to take a snack. -

Andrew Steele lives on Earth - a beautiful blue planet inhabited by a unique diversity of life and engaging human cultures - located in the Orion arm, approximately 25,000 lightyears from the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy.

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The Galaxy Boys and The Sphere

The Galaxy Boys: Book 1 written by Andrew Steele

On Earth, unaware of life outside, dumped by their outrageous aunt in an orphanage in Brooklyn, the four Roar brothers have lost hope they will ever see their parents again [...]

Published: 0000

Our rating: 8.7 | 3 positive reader reviews