The Galaxy Boys and The Sphere by Andrew Steele


The Galaxy Boys and The Sphere is a jet-fuelled space adventure written by an earth resident called Andrew Steele. This is an action-packed and heart-warming fantasy based around the author’s own children.

The Galaxy Boys had no idea they were boys of the galaxy, living in an orphanage in Brooklyn as they were. They also had no perception of events outside planet Earth - now racing towards them across the heavens - events that would change their understanding of reality, then their lives respectively. The four young brothers would learn how to pilot spaceships, before discovering that there is an evil that would chase them to the far reaches of the galaxy to retrieve that, which was lost. If the brothers stick together, they’re likely to make it through this adventure. But sticking together in the incredibly vast galaxy may not be possible, or practical. For those who read this story there will be a few pressing questions: Can Rafjur be trusted? Steal a spaceship? You’re kidding, right? Do Jawbonee really eat their guests? What is a Moxy Gorp, anyway? And what is it with that robot wearing a flower-print apron and a straw hat?

I liked everything about this book - even before I had opened it the beautiful cover illustration and amusing synopsis told me that the people who had put this book together knew what they were doing. Luckily, the story itself didn’t let the side down and Andrew Steele has written a children’s fantasy adventure that shows that he understands what makes children tick and what they want to read. The fact that the book is based on his own children makes it even more special and endearing.

If I was asked to describe The Galaxy Boys and The Sphere using comparison I would be drawn to say - “It’s like Star Wars meets Isaac Asimov meets Batteries Not Included.” Steele’s writing style is descriptive and continuously laden with a dry and quirky sense of humour. The excerpt below is an example of this:

“Just when one would think that a hysterical scream was in order, as the helicopter appeared to be plunging straight into the ocean, it levelled off, just feet above the surface. They were so close; if a fish had jumped out of the water in front of them it would surely have been the first time a sea creature had been run over by an aircraft.”
The Galaxy Boys and the Sphere: A Helicopter in a Tube

The love and fascination that Andrew Steele has for his children comes through strongly in this book and this is why, I think, a parent can get just as much enjoyment out of reading The Galaxy Boys - they may even find that they begin to understand their own children better as a result of having done so. I was pleased that this book did not attempt to portray all adults as idiots and that it allowed the children to form caring relationships with kind and likeable “oldies”. Another plus was that many children’s book can lose sight of what they are trying to achieve but The Galaxy Boys aims to entertain, never loses site of this, and does its job perfectly. Full of neat gadgets, great characters and an open-ended storyline this is one book that actually deserves a sequel.

Congratulations to Andrew Steele on a fantastic and highly entertaining debut. The Galaxy Boys and The Sphere is highly recommended for children aged 10 and upward who love adventure.

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The Galaxy Boys and The Sphere

The Galaxy Boys: Book 1 written by Andrew Steele

On Earth, unaware of life outside, dumped by their outrageous aunt in an orphanage in Brooklyn, the four Roar brothers have lost hope they will ever see their parents again [...]

Published: 0000

Our rating: 8.7 | positive reader reviews


The Galaxy Boys and The Sphere reader reviews

from Seattle

My 13 year old son and I loved this book!! It was exciting, funny, and totally believable. The characters you feel actual affection for and it's intelligently told, assuming the intelligence of its readers. I hope there will be a next installment, and I hope this becomes a MOVIE!

from Australia

My son loved this book, its engaging & funny with good discriptions of the main characters. Great traditional adventure story.

from Shropshire

Reading this book with my 9-year-old son I found it as entertaining as he did. Don't miss out on this great adventrue. My boy loved this; he read it three times and keeps going back to it.

9.2/10 from 4 reviews

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