Andrzej Sapkowski

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Andrzej Sapkowski was born on the 21st of June 1948 in Lodz, Poland. Sapkowski studied economy and business, but the success of his fantasy cycle about the sorcerer Geralt de Riv turned him into a bestselling writer and he is now one of Poland's most famous and successful authors, selling more in his own country than Stephen King or Michael Crichton. Sapkowski has won five Zajdel Awards, including three for short stories Lesser Evil in 1990, Sword of Destiny in 1992 and In a Bomb Crater in 1993, and two for the novels Blood of the Elves in 1994 and Narrenturm in 2002.

"You have to comprehend that I've been doing fantasy for twenty years. When I began to write in Poland there was no one, I was the pioneer. That is not an immodesty, it is the truth: I had to create Polish fantasy. I believed to part from my readings and my knowledge of the genre, because the Polish reader, extremely discerning, was not going to accept hybrids of the middle road between Fantasy and other genres, or a simple copy of Tolkien. S/he was searching for something new, special. And that eagerness for creating something new, special, that is what drove me to write."

Andrzej Sapkowski books reviewed


  • The Witcher (The Witcher Saga 1990)
  • Sword of Destiny (The Witcher Saga 1992)
  • The Last Wish (The Witcher Saga 1993)
  • Something ends, Something begins (The Witcher Saga 2000)
  • Blood of the Elves (The Saga 1994)
  • Time of Disdain (The Saga 1995)
  • Baptism of Fire (The Saga 1996)
  • The Swallow's Tower (The Saga 1997)
  • Lady of the Lake (The Saga 1999)
  • Narrenturm (Narrenturm trilogy 2002)
  • Warriors of God (Narrenturm trilogy 2004)
  • Lux perpetua (Narrenturm trilogy 2006)
  • The Eye of Yrrhedes (Oko Yrrhedesa) (1995), roleplaying game
  • The World of King Arthur. Maladie (Świat króla Artura. Maladie.) (1995), essay and a short story set in Arthurian mythology
  • Manuscript Discovered in a Dragon's Cave (Rękopis znaleziony w Smoczej Jaskini) (2001), fantasy encyclopedic compendium