The Amalfie Bride by Ann Major and Marito Ai

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Rating 9.0/10
One of Harlequin's most treasured classics

The Amalfie Bride by Ann Major and Marito Ai. After working in a cute little shop, Regina finds the kindness of others sets her off on the right path toward the man of her dreams - or does it? She meets Nico Romano, a rich heir to an absolute fortune, and, she understands he's a gigolo with every woman he has met before. She thinks he just can't be trusted to be faithful, yet is she being a bit too harsh on him when she hardly knows what kind of man he is personally and she's trying desperately to get with him.

Part of the comedy in this manga is that Regina is a lawyer back home in Austin, and wouldn't have ever tried to get the attention of a gigolo, no matter how handsome he appeared. Once she decides on being around him, she sleeps with him, and she still can't understand why someone like her would even want to be with a man like him. Not when she's a professional woman, a lawyer with responsibilities, but she found him so likable, lovable and wanted to be with him. He has an allure, a sensuality she needs to have in her life, and no amount of what if's are going to make a difference. Regina finds out he is something of a famous man in that part of Italy where she is staying, and what's more, once she finds out he's a prince too - and it really opens her eyes!

Known as Amalfie no Hanayome in the native Japanese, Marito Ai's artwork is a mix of Japanese style and European elegance. As a one-shot manga it has great appeal as Nico is one of the most handsome men a girl could ever want to meet. He oozes charm and sexuality, and it is right there on the page standing out at the reader, urging them to read on. Marito makes Regina look like a pretty young lady, as are most of the women in this manga. Ann Major's writing makes all the difference as the two make a great writer and artist team. It would be great to see more from them in the future.

This is one of Harlequin's most treasured classics - a gem in itself.

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