Deluge by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Scarborough (The Twins Of Petaybee: Book 3)

This, the third instalment of The Twins of Petaybee series, is yet another scifi spectacular from this writing partnership. Once again we meet the sentient planet Petaybee, working to ensure the safety and survival of its friends and itself. Things are never simple, however, as the danger comes from two sides.

In this story we follow Ronan and Murel, the selkie seal twin children of Sean and Yana, are sent off-planet by Petaybee to rescue Marmie, a family friend. Danger lurks ahead in the form of Dr Mabu, a scientist who is fascinated by their abilities to change shape. She will take advantage of any chance she gets to investigate, and her methods are anything but painless. A well-wrought villain, Dr Mabu is feared by reader and characters alike.

In the meantime, Petaybee and its inhabitants, led by Sean and Yana, are kept busy fighting off the Company, once again greedy for the planet’s resources. All the ingenuity of the people and the planets will be needed to keep their freedom.

As an unashamed fan of Anne McCaffrey’s work, as well as the books she’s written together with Elizabeth Anne Scarborough, I can only say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. The story is told so simply, and yet so vividly, that the pages turn by themselves as one follows the characters through the challenges they must face. Petaybee especially, as a silent and yet ever-present character, is always a delightful surprise as one learns more of its behaviours and interactions with the humans that surround it. A great read, and a must for fantasy fans.

9/10 A great read, and a must for fantasy fans.

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from Bridgend

This looks a good trilogy.... I always loved the Dragon books as a young adult by Anne McCaffrey...
8/10 ()

8.4/10 from 2 reviews

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