The Golden Acorn by Catherine Cooper (The Adventures of Jack Brenin: Book 1)

9/10 A charming and magical children's fantasy book.

The Golden Acorn by Catherine Cooper was recipient of the Brit Writers' Award Unpublished 2010, an award that attracted 21,000 entries across its 8 categories and offered the largest prize ever for unpublished writers, £10,000. After reading it, we here at Fantasy Book Review found it to be a charming and magical book that fully deserves the accolades that it is currently receiving.

We interviewed Catherine in September 2010 and the conversation can be read here.

Jack Brenin's life changes the moment he finds a golden acorn lying in the grass. He gets caught up in an extraordinary magical adventure and enters a world he believed only existed in legend. He's sure he has been mistaken for someone else. He's neither brave nor strong so how could he possible be 'The One' an ancient prophecy speaks about? He has no idea why he's expected to help and is unsure if he wants to, or even if he can.

The Golden Acorn is a traditional children's fantasy that will appeal greatly to those who have read and enjoyed the work on JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien and Jonathan Stroud. It is full to the brim with the stuff that kids love reading about and the unexpected hero, in the form of a rather small and meek Jack, is someone that they will easily identify with.

The ingredients that make this book special are its sense of magic and inherent charm. All the best children’s fantasy novels posses these attributes and Catherine Cooper has created characters and locations that are appealing and engaging. The central point is Nutty Nora’s magical house, a place that has the same charisma that makes Bag-end and Hogwarts so special. Other than Jack himself the stand out character is undoubtedly Camelin, the talking, mischievous and food-loving raven that is as funny as he is grumpy, and the relationship between Jack and Camelin forms the most enjoyable passages within the book.

If you are looking for an exciting and witty urban fantasy with its roots firmly entrenched in Celtic and Greek mythology then The Golden Acorn is as delightful and entertaining book as you could wish for. Highly recommended for ages eight for eighty.

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Our interview with Catherine Cooper

Born in Wellington, Shropshire, Catherine Cooper was a primary school teacher for 29 years before retiring and deciding she'd love to write for children. In 2010 Catherine won the Brit Writers' Award for her children& [...]

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Catherine Cooper's The Adventures of Jack Brenin series

The Golden Acorn

The Adventures of Jack Brenin: Book 1

The Golden Acorn reader reviews

from England

Awsome book! Best author ever. I give it 300000/10

from UK

I love the book because I can't wait for the very end.

from USA

It is awesome; I'm on book four.

from England

This book is amazing and funny; I like the talking ravens. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!

from England

This book is a very, very fabulous book; it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

from brittian

from England

I'm reading it at the moment and it's great! It's one of those books which you can't stop reading.

from Texas

My daughter and I like to read together often. I find it difficult to find books that keep her interest. She is a very good reader. I stumbled across The Golden Acorn and was delighted with every chapter. My daughter (9) loves it and begs me to keep reading when it's time for bed. I find myself secretly reading ahead and can't wait for her to catch up the next night. Fantastic book!

from California

This book is a little too fantasy, but creative, I like it.

from North Carolina

I have read all three books and really looking forward to reading more.

from Maesteg

I have had enough of this book because I have a quiz down the library on it I am 11 and I have not finished the book, they expect me to finish it in 3 weeks and no offence that is too quick to finish a book that big!! I love what I have read though I am only half way through and the quiz is tomoz 3 weeks have finished!!! Unbelievable!!

from Manchester

Have now read all 3 in the series as has my daughter age 9. As a mature reader 50+ I couldn't put them down. Cant wait for number 4. Jack Brenin is brilliant.

from Bristol

With an interesting and unique aspect of the world Catherine Cooper has outdone herself with this marvelous childrens' novel that counts as an eye-opener and a lovely way to pass time while being educated and starstruck at the same time. Well done! Brilliant.

from Canterbury Lane

I loved it, my mom downloaded it for me on the Kindle :)

from Dawley, Telford

Really good! Catherine Cooper, I would like to read other books of yours.

from West Country

A book that cannot be put down until the very end.

9.5/10 from 17 reviews

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