The Pickpocket's Ghost by Catherine Fisher

8/10 This book encourages the reader and keeps them hooked all the way.

Sarah is making sure everything goes well with her mother's party celebrating her sculpture exhibition and Matt, her step-brother isn't making it any easier for her with his senseless jibes and couldn't care less attitude.

As she attends to the guest's needs, she also spots a painting of what looks like a normal scene of an old barn before it became their new home. The art brings her into the whole picture, holding her gaze and it doesn't want to let her go, not until she sees what she thinks is a face in a nearby tree. Is she seeing things, or is it actually real?

When, after a rather intense dream, she finds a silver box in her room she begins to think that the dreams are very real indeed.

Catherine Fisher's new novel has a unique quality to it – a quality that will bring enjoyment to all readers, young and old. Sarah's relationship with her mother and step-brother are both sketchy, and even though she tries to get on with them, she has the feeling that something weird will happen. Luckily for her, the Pickpocket's ghost can make her realise there is more to life than holding a grudge against her step-brother.

This is one of many in the Barrington Stoke series of novels designed to be read easily and quickly, without any long words that might hinder the readers’ speed. If you aren't into reading War and Peace, or the latest Stephen King offering, this and others in the series are a good alternative. This book encourages the reader and keeps them hooked all the way.

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The Pickpocket's Ghost reader reviews

from England

I enjoyed the book but what I want to know is I thought that when they unlocked the box he would come to life - was this meant to happen or not?

from Scotland

It was good but it was kind of confusing at the same time.

8.3/10 from 3 reviews

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