Warcraft: Of Blood and Honour by Chris Metzen

Rating 5.6/10
Another good look at part of the Warcraft universe.

The Warcraft Archive contains three books and a novella entitled ‘Of Blood and Honour,’ written by Chris Metzen, who has risen to be Vice President of Creative Development at Blizzard Entertainment. Having worked at Blizzard for a long time, Metzen has played a large role in crafting the story of the Warcraft universe, both in-game and in this small novella.

Sadly, the fact that he is not a published author shines through in this novella in the unpolished nature of the writing. As quick and fast paced as the previous novels, Metzen introduces a certain inadequacy to the writing that is noticeable.

As a result, a story which was in and of itself utterly fascinating is turned a little on its head by the writing.

Nevertheless, the story gives another good look at part of the Warcraft universe that you might not have encountered before. Focusing once more on the changing nature of the orcs, we get to see just what it takes for a Paladin in the Warcraft universe to stick by his word.

This book is available as an ebook in various locations, and as mentioned in the Warcraft Archive. Read it if you get the chance, but don’t jump out of your way to do so.

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