Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology by Christian Dunn (Warhammer)

9/10 The selection is well balanced and the variety of perspectives and content really works.

A group of Black Library authors give their own spin on stories based on and about the iconic characters of Warhammer Fantasy - Gotrek and Felix. Stories are by the authors - Nathan Long (x2), Josh Reynolds, John Brunner, Jordon Ellinger, Ben McCallum, David Guymer, Andy Smillie, CL Werner, and Richard Salter.

Gotrek and Felix are probably the most famous and long running characters of the Warhammer franchise. This anthology - edited by Christian Dunn - brings together a collection of short stories about the unlikely duo. Some of the stories have been previously published and others are new for the anthology.

The stories take the belligerent dwarf and his faithful human companion from Karak Azgal (a lost dwarf hold), a corrupted monastery, an Ogre feast, the deserts of Araby and to the edge of death.

The first tale, Slayer’s Honour is newly released and is a good example of Gotrek and Felix in action, filled with swashbuckling and axe wielding.

A Place of Quiet Assembly, sees the adventurers yet again stumbling in to trouble in an unexpected place, they unearth a hidden threat and defeat a great evil in their accustomed style.

The tale Kineater pits the fearsome Dwarf slayer against a very hungry tribe of Ogres and sees him face off with the largest of their kind in a gladiatorial contest.

Gotrek and Felix’s arch-enemy, Thanquol, make an appearance within the anthology as well. The arch villain gets his own story and provides a welcome change from the rampages of Gotrek for a short while. Thanqoul provides a dose of nefarious schemes and ill-fated luck to the usually heroic endeavours. I felt it was only right that one story should see the appearance of a firm favourite of the other novels.

The Funeral of Gotrek Gurnisson promises an epic story of the great warrior’s demise. However, I was slightly disappointed with how this tale concluded.

By far the best story in terms of upholding the legend of the duo is Prophecy by Ben McCallum. This short story is from the perspective of the duo’s enemies, powerful sorcerers who foresee a great battle where their forces are pitted against a legendary warrior who just happens to be Gotrek. The sense of destiny that surrounds the Dwarf really hints at the great deeds in front of him in future and the fear he inspires in the forces of evil.

A great collection of short stories, the selection is well balanced and the variety of perspectives and content really works.

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Thanquol's Doom


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