Colin R Parsons

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Colin was born on the 8th of November 1960 in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales. He did a variety of short stories over the year's until in 2004 wrote his first novel. This soon turned into his 'Wizards' Kingdom trilogy.' Wizards' Kingdom book 1...The Obelisk of Ashmar book 2 and Jarrak's Darkness book 3. The beautiful welsh landscape of forest's and lakes provided Colin with inspiration for his writing. He still lives in the Rhondda Valley with his wife Janice and his two sons, Kristoffer and Ryan.

Likes and dislikes
As stated in my book, I love Formula One motor sport, I can sit and watch it for hours. I love Sci-Fi such as Dr Who and Star Trek. I also like strawberry milkshakes, liquorice and toffee sweets... and long walks during the summer with my wife. I love visiting Laugharne in west Wales near Pendine where Dylan Thomas lived and created his most popular poetry.

I hate cold, dark, long winters. Stepping out of the shower when there is no towel and listening to people tell you how important they are. I also hate when people promise things and don't keep their word.

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'My dad is a writer but I don't read his books. I read 'Wizards' Kingdom' and I couldn't stop reading it, and I thought it was great. It has loads of adventure and loads of fighting and I thought it was brilliant!' Ryan Ellory, son of RJ Ellory (Author of 'A Quiet Belief In Angels'.)

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